Recommend... a place to see a TFT before I buy one

  [DELETED] 20:34 05 Sep 2003

I'm after 3 17" TFT's for a friend and would ideally like to see them all working before I buy them.

I know places like PC world, Dixons will show you them working, and if there are any dead pixels you can have a nother one.

Are there any other large PC chains that have stocks of TFT screens. Without ranting against Dixons Stores Group I'd rather avoid them, apparently Staples do them aswell.

  [DELETED] 20:45 05 Sep 2003

Yes Staples do them, also they may let you inspect the actual one you want before purchase.

I have answered your other question in the helproom forum regarding resolution settings, so while in any of the stores bring up the desktop and ask the assistant to alter it for you to 1024x768, then compare that setting with the same setting on a 15" TFT monitor, or Laptop, you will notice a difference in quality.

I bought mine from my local dealer, he set up the monitor in the shop and helped me to do a full scan for faulty pixels. click here j.

  rickf 21:24 05 Sep 2003

Staples would let you see them working before you take it away. Alternatively, comp fairs. The one on Totemham court road has a stand which has lots of tfts, including the latest. was there last sat.he also has a shop outlet and is always there at the fair so you can buy with confidence.prices are much better too. in anycase if any thing goes wrong with the monitor the manufacrurer wil often njust replaceit.

  [DELETED] 19:46 07 Sep 2003

cheers, I went along to Staples yesterday and had a chat with a chap who said he would get in some from another store. I could buy them and if I dont like them for any reason (dead pixel or otherwise) I can swap them within two weeks.

The ones he suggested were HP 1701 I think for £349, same price as

Seems like a very switched on company, the complete opposite of Curry's who were less than helpful to put it mildly.

  [DELETED] 20:45 07 Sep 2003

click here for my thread on staples service. First class, as you have found for yourself. Regards. j.

  [DELETED] 21:45 07 Sep 2003

My new toy is the Sharp 17", click here to see it(hoover mouse over image to zoom in). It is brighter (by user option) than all the others and hopefully it's chemical luminosity will be longer (life). It has a 3 year ON site swap out guarantee as well and it was less the £300. Now I can plug in the Dolby speakers and the also use the built in speakers if I turn them off to avoid waking her up.

The base (swivel) is really heavy (10KG) so I can't not it over by accident - I have a cheap one in my office and often move it by accident if I point at the screen.

Go for it, I spent 4 months looking for this and it's bigger than my friends 19" CRT - DVDs play great, and it's made by a good Japanese company.

Also available in white.... click here


  [DELETED] 22:08 09 Sep 2003

Before buying check how many years warranty. I have bought 2 AOC 17in, both are fine and come with 3 years warranty. One bought from Staples the other Dabs. Whilst buying the second I went to Staples, who had sold out of AOC and tried to sell another brand to me - i asked how many years guarantee and told 3years - only to find on visiting the web site that it was only 2 years! Staples took back the monitor. Dabs Value TFT were at the time AOC TFT monitors. Good luck.

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