Recommend database software

  Geordie 22:55 14 May 2003

Can anyone recommend good, reasonably priced (ie cheaper than MS Access) database software? It's purpose will be to collate information on our business customers to use for marketing activities such as mailshots, email and text messages.

  davidg_richmond 22:59 14 May 2003

You could always go for MS Works as it includes an Access-compatible database for about £69

  Simsy 23:06 14 May 2003

Ability database, from click here

It has it's own proprietry format, but you can, instead, save as Access .mdb format. This will make the basic database compatible with Access in terms of tables and content. Any relationships would have to be reconstructed, (I believe!)

You can input data via forms, which are very easy to make, and, if you are so able, it can handle macros.

I am not a database expert at all.. but I managed to get it working OK. The filtering is quite simple... once the penny drops! I had cause to use the online help quite a few times when I first got it, and they were very helpful.

Oh... the price... it's about £30. The whole office suite is only about £50!

There is a demo available which lasts, (I think), for 30 days.

definitley worth a look I suggest. I hope this helps,



  Djohn 23:11 14 May 2003

As davidg_richmond says, MS Works has an excellent database and spreadsheet. Bonus point is that the two programs are fully compatible with M/S Office.

Also Works Suite 2003 includes the full version of Word 2002 J.

  RamaOnline 23:37 14 May 2003

I think MS database is easy to use and priced reasonably:

So for it: It good start:

If you're are developing Massive pages then try MYSql: Lovely piece of program:

Make sure, you tell your wife that you're off to Malaysia for a month:It takes time to learn, but once you're mastered it: It king of the Kings:

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