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Recomendations for A Headset

  RobCharles1981 22:45 30 Apr 2013

Hi Guys I'm for suggestions for a new Headset I do game and I listen Music and Watch Videos so I need something that handles the "Bass" any suggestions?



  wee eddie 23:38 30 Apr 2013

How much do you want to spend.

A decent pair of cans budget between £100.00 and £250.00, but I use the £25.00 Stenhauser ones that I use in the Gym as the compression on most Downloads makes anything else fairly pointless.

For my Music System: Tuner, Turntable and CD Player, I use a set of Koss's that I picked up in the local Auction Room for £12.00 (including Commission) but which would have cost me about £150.00 - New.

The choice is really yours

  RobCharles1981 23:47 30 Apr 2013


Just want to spend about the £60 mark any ideas?


  wee eddie 08:58 01 May 2013

If you Google: Headphone Reviews, you will get several sites that carry them.

£60.00 will get you a superb set that will outperform ear buds and give you a wider feeling of space.

I am not convinced that those phones that purport to give you an "all-round" effect, by including more than one speaker in each ear piece, achieve what they set out to do. In effect you are buying slightly cheaper headphones with more speakers in them, your eardrum is unable to differentiate the direction of sounds, that come into your ear, except by turning your head.

  martd7 19:28 01 May 2013
  RobCharles1981 20:48 01 May 2013

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