Recomendation if you will ..

  M4D 21:27 03 Jun 2003

This is pc related, All though it sounds slightly off topic !!

Yesterday 02,06,03 I phoned Lloyds TSB to apply for a Direct Debit card, As when i originaly opend my account i asked for a cashpoint card only just for somewhere to keep my money safe and ease of use basically ..

Now they fefused me without offering me any genuine reason ?!? Your guess is as good as mine ..

Now im not here to whinge but i would like to know if you would know any reason why they would refuse me, Or recomend a good bank that i should apply for a new account where as i could get a DD card so i can pay for my adsl when my exchange gets upgraded =30.07.03 Basically thats all i want the card for and to pay for the odd components for the pc online ..

  Sir Radfordin™ 22:49 03 Jun 2003 would be much better off getting a credit card for online purcahases. Lloyds must have a reason not to offer you an account with this facility - do you know of anything that may effect your credit score? have you ever been given credit in the past?

Credit cards aren't hard to get, providing you do have a credit score. Lloyds gave me an ammount 3x times my income (as a student!).

  M4D 23:23 03 Jun 2003

As far as i know i don't have any problems with any debts, Bills, Or anything, Everything is payed as due and in full when needed so i can't understand !!

  Totally-braindead 23:35 03 Jun 2003

Could be the type of account you have, the only way for you to find out would be to call in and see your local branch, but that aside, I agree with Sir Radfordin a Credit Card is the best way to pay for any online purchases( in case of fraud I mean). A company took nearly £1000 out of my account about a year ago, who the company was and why they took the money out I don't know, but with one call to my credit card company they sorted it out and refunded the money. I did have to fill in a short form though the following week.

  jeez 00:37 04 Jun 2003

It may be worth you requesting your credit file from experian and equifax to make sure there are no incorrect entries on it this costs £2 for each report. Banks will not give you a specific reason for declining your application as they say it would compromise the security of their credit scoring technique. If, after checking your reports there is still no apparent reason for your being rejected most organisations have an appeals procedure for them to re-consider your application. I would not reccommend applying for further credit related products in case there is an error on your credit file that would lead you to being declined again. I say this because each time you apply for such a product the company will search your credit file, each time they do this the search is recorded and mulitple searches in a short space of time can have an adverse effect also. Remember also that companies believe that the finances of people who have the same surname and live in the same house are linked, so if for instance a family member has a poor credit rating this may cause yours to suffer too. This is a real minefield area. I am no professional and reccommend to be safe going to your local citizens advice for professional advice on the matter.

  jeez 00:41 04 Jun 2003

Please don't get mad with the bank staff, usually all they see is a message on the screen saying "application declined" or similar they are kept as much in the dark as you are!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:54 04 Jun 2003

banks use a fairly stringent points system to verify CC applications. If you score outside the borders then you will be refused. Often it has nothing to do with credit ratings. Your 'score' can be influenced by area of abode, type of job, salary, divorce, etc. It may seem unfair but banks have the right to refuse credit facilities to anyone they deem to be unsuitable.


  TECHNODIMWIT 09:58 04 Jun 2003

the reason may not be you, but a past resident at he address you gave. I aggree with jeez a copy of your credit file will help you sort it out.


are you Registered to VOTE at your address? i had trouble getting a switch card with RBS and in the end the manager revealed that this could be the reason.
ps you dont need acard to do a direct debit, a debit card does something slightly different.

  M4D 13:30 04 Jun 2003

I understand what your all saying and agree that i shouldn't get angry/annoyed with the staff, Where as i didn't!!
Because ..
I don't mind really about the card i just wanted to open up a few more options and make it a little bit easier for myself by getting a DD card so it would be a little bit easier to purchase items online and pay for my internet connection as and when when my exchange get's upgraded for adsl ..

What im gonna do is post another thread to find out what Broadband isp's accept Direct Debit and other kinds of payment, DD Would be prefered though!!

Keep your eyes peeled and thanks for your help !!

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