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  bfoc 23:42 20 Sep 2003

Thought I'd report the fairly positive experience of 2 very recent orders for evesham machines.

I ordered an Axis 2800+ review machine on the evening of Fri 12/09/03 and was quoted 'up to 9 working days'. I phoned on Wed 17/09/03 to just see if they knew when it was likely to be dispatched and was told it was due for dispatch that day! System duly arrived 10:15 am on 18/09/03. It took 3 week days from order to dispatch. Machine started with no problems straight away and, IMHO, looks great and seems pretty darn fast. Well done Evesham. Only slight problem is can't seem to tilt the Philips TFT. But I need to check that out further. I have also not yet tested the CDRW and Multi DVD drive.

I also ordered a Pentium 2600 laptop a couple of weeks ago, that too was quoted as 'up to 9 working days' but was with me in around a week. Machine also worked fine from the start, except that the CD/RW DVD drive was a slot one, not a tray one, which fooled me at first! One problem was battery life seemed very short, under an hour, and then the power supply transformer failed within 4 days. Evesham promised a replacement would be sent immediately, but there was some problem over stock. Rang and used their e-mail here and problem solved immediately.

So once again I was very happy I used Evesham. Prompt delivery, machines that worked and the one problem solved almost as promptly.

Given the people I ordered for were students they also got the 5% off, making it a pretty good financial deal for them too!

  no1ghoul 01:23 21 Sep 2003

I am very happy to read your comments as I have just ordered an evesham myself the evo blue lightning and am delighted that you have received such A great service from evesham as this supports the confidence I have placed in them :)

  bfoc 08:32 21 Sep 2003

That all does go well with your machine, I am sure it will!

But if anything major is wrong then, in my personal experience, the email address given on this forum gets really fast results.


  no1ghoul 11:17 21 Sep 2003

thanks bfoc you have gone a great way towards allaying any initial fears that I might have had and I will jot down the e-mail address given here just in case

  Alan Ryan 13:49 21 Sep 2003

Just clicked on the link you gave to an e-mail address that gets fast resposes from Evesham (in case I need it)Took me to Vodaphone - is that an error ?

  bfoc 17:09 21 Sep 2003

The link isn't mine it is a PC advisor advert, I assume.

The email address you want is [email protected].

Hope that helps!


  Alan Ryan 17:16 21 Sep 2003

I suppose it was dumb of me to read your posting as though the e-mail link mentioned would be useful if I needed to get a fast response from evesham. I understand now. Thanks.

  Evesham Support 10:27 22 Sep 2003

We are pleased to hear that you are happy with both your recent purchases from Evesham Technology Ltd.

Please do not hesitate to contact us through [email protected] should you have any queries regarding these machines.

Kind regards

Customer Support

Evesham Technology Ltd

  Magik ®© 10:37 22 Sep 2003

nice one evesham.

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