Is this a receipt?

  harry1888 16:13 08 Oct 2006

Stuck in a situation just now between retailer and manufacturer as follows.

Have faulty monitor still under warranty and manufacturer will replace. I have the paperwork the retailer sent with the monitor and a print out of my card payment which I sent to the manufacturer who replied;

"This is not what we require. I need to see a copy of the invoice you were sent from your supplier. Please send this, then I can arrange an exchange for you."

The "supplier" is kinda hard to contact as described elsewhere. Their sole email reply thus far advised this;

"Please contact them [manufacturer] direct using the details provided and they will arrange to replace the faulty item.

Details required:




I then emailed the manufacturer asking them if they could get what they required from the supplier (approved stockists) as I cant. No reply as yet.

The paperwork I was sent looks like an invoice and has - paid - on it but not the amount which I suspect may be the problem. Its tied to the credit card print out by the customer order no.

The supplier? Well, nuff said.

The manufacturer, could be more helpful?

Paperwork I have - click here

Its a problem that could easily be rectified by either party. Any suggestions on what to do next? I don't want a battle, I just want a monitor.

  Forum Editor 16:23 08 Oct 2006

and not an invoice.

That said, the manufacturer wants to see evidence of the model supplied, and of the fact that it really was supplied on a given date, and to a given address.

I suggest that you now deal exclusively with the manufacturer, as they will support their product from here on in. Legally you have a contract with the orignal supplier, and it's up to them to sort the problem out. Where monitors are concerned however, it's common practice for suppliers to refer consumers directly to the manufacturer, and it's in a consumer's interest to do it that way. The necessary repair/relacement takes place faster, and you only deal with one location.

Try talking to the manufacturer and explain the situation - I'm sure that they'll understand.

  spuds 16:28 08 Oct 2006

harry1888 original link click here

  harry1888 16:41 08 Oct 2006

Hi FE, thanks for the response.

The problem is that the manufacturer so far insists on production of this document which I dont have and never did have. I have pleaded with them to show some flexibility but no dice.

Will try phoning again tomorrow but hasnt worked so far.

  namtas 17:02 08 Oct 2006

FE is correct, however, if it is going to be a problem, and you can not get an invoice, deal with the supplier, it is thier responsibility, under the sale of goods act.
Remember, legally, you only have a contract with the supplier, no one else.
Put it in writing, explain your problem, tell them what is expected and how you expect to have the situation corrected, and keep a copy.

  Rayuk 17:49 08 Oct 2006

Did you buy the monitor online?

  Rayuk 18:58 08 Oct 2006

If above answer is yes they should have sent you an email confirming order which you can print out,perhaps there was an attachment with the email containing your invoice.

  harry1888 20:26 08 Oct 2006


May come to letter writing yet. Getting a specific reply is the problem.


Aye, twas an online purchase. Unless I've deleted others, which I doubt, think the only other email I received (and still have) was one saying that an account had been created for me at the time of buying. You get an account no and username so you can log in and view your purchases which would be great except I cant log in! If I try to retrieve my password I get a message saying "Your details could not be found in our records". I imagine the original idea was that if you needed access to your receipt you got it by logging in.....ha ha!

Shall see what happens over the next few days and post the results. Meanwhile, this ancient Compaq monitor has worked for a dozen years and will work a dozen more. Not much room for the keyboard though.

  namtas 20:35 08 Oct 2006

I think that their is a lesson for us here, I recall last time I shopped on the intrernet it was for a fridge, as you, all done by emails, I was concerned, rang up and got them to send me a letter headed reciept.

  namtas 20:38 08 Oct 2006

I must use spell checker every time, "internet"

  harry1888 18:58 09 Oct 2006

Phoned iiyama today and spoke to the very helpful Jessica who recognised my predicament and the monitor will be replaced as soon as their in stock.

Upshot is that next time I'm after a monitor iiyama will be a serious contender for my custom, pcnextday (still no contact) will most certainly be not.

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