Reccomendation for fibre broadband plus phone

  john bunyan 16:40 01 Feb 2019

For many years I have used BT for my phone ( plus Vonage broadband phone for unlimited calls to UK and most of the world) and Talk talk for broadband. I have a strong aversion to 12 or 18 months contracts in general, and am on a rolling monthly one with Talk Talk, and still occasionally use the original Pipex e Mail from when they were one of the biggest corporate ISP's. I am switching to slowly as my contacts are informed, for e mail.

I am on a " Up to 8mbps" BB service from Talk Talk. The time has come, now that fibre to the cabinet is available in my Lane, to update to fibre. I prefer to leave Talk Talk , as although things have improved recently, their Technical support is still abroad and not very good.

Up to a few months ago, as I am with SSE for electricity, I considered their BB offer as they offered a rolling monthly fibre package with unlimited phone calls at a reasonable price. They seem to have withdrawn this, offering a 12 month one only.

I am told by local computer folk that BT is "King" . Relatives use PlusNet, and I did look at Zen.

I wold be grateful for input. I want: a) Fibre plus an unlimited phone package b) A UK based technical team with good availability inc weekends, c) Ideally a rolling monthly contract - willing to pay a bit extra. d) Not interested in TV add-ons .e) Price, although important, is of less importance that overall quality of service and support. f) Ability to use e mail , both outlook and maybe ISP's one

Advice based on personal experience would be most welcome, including things to watch out for.

  john bunyan 11:08 20 Feb 2019

Final post. Now getting 44 mbps download and 14 mbps upload on desktop upstairs having simplified the wiring , Quite good wi fi - 37 mbps in room below modem. May buy extenders later but pleased with result

  Secret-Squirrel 13:00 20 Feb 2019

Thanks for the updates John - good to see that you're happy with everything.

  Gordon Freeman 13:22 20 Feb 2019

My switch to plusnet from BT happened today, kept the BT smart hub (6) & reconfigured it & all going well thus far. Really didn't like the look of the Plusnet hub tbh.

  Govan1x 00:34 21 Feb 2019

Thanks JB I do hope both go well.

There is no place like home whether it is your old home or your new home.

looking forward to moving but will probably be without ISP for about 3 weeks unless i go with Sky but it is not my first choice.

Bad start to the day. Booked the flight for this Saturday and had to phone jet 2 up with a query. I was told if you book wheelchair help that you did not need to pay to pick seats.They automatically give you paired seats.

So was asked for Flight number etc and was asked when I was leaving. Saturday the 24 th I said. What month they they asked. February I said. Well checking your booking you have booked for march the 26th.

Oops. Since you have just booked I will cancel the flight for you and you will get a refund within 5 days.

So told the wife and she said we are better going on the 26th as we have to much work to do in packing things in the house.

So off I went and booked for the 26th only to find out that I had rebooked for the 24th instead. The wife was not very happy

Just one of those off days, but seem to be getting a few of those recently. it is either the strain of moving house or the old mind is beginning to wander.

I was in the car today with my son in law and asked him what day is it, Monday or Tuesday, Wednesday he said. I think I need this holiday badly.

  john bunyan 07:02 21 Feb 2019


Have a relaxing time!! Just for surfing , here for example, you can use an iPhone, as I am now. At home Iuse wi fi but with Giff gaff (my SIM provider ,I get 4 gig data download even when away from a wi fi hotspot, so whist you are in U.K. you could use a smartphone in a gap. Anyway have a break and enjoy your holiday

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