reccomend machine for windows 98

  bac06o 19:53 09 Jan 2015

i have some wonderful old gaming hardware. the software only works with windows 98, and the hardware has PIN connectins. can you recommend and older machine to suite my needs?

  wee eddie 00:30 10 Jan 2015

I think that your best option is to try the Sunday Market, but I seriously doubt that anyone would even bring in such an old chassis.

  wee eddie 11:45 10 Jan 2015

You should be able to pick up such a PC for under a Tenner, but do not expect it to handle the Internet.

Google "old Computer Sockets" to identify the type of connections that you have.

If you have a Copy of Windows 98se you should be able to create a Virtual Drive and install it on that.

  spuds 11:52 10 Jan 2015

Look on eBay, possibly for a local seller, so you can inspect, check before bidding. Plus cheaper to collect, than try to arrange delivery etc. Should be plenty of suitable machines available.

I have bid, won and purchased complete computer systems for very low prices, because other people were not interested, due to equipment age or specifications.

  bac06o 22:30 10 Jan 2015

how about some brands and models?

  wee eddie 23:05 10 Jan 2015

Either we have misunderstood your question or you have misunderstood our answers.

Any PC over 10 years old should do the trick.

  spuds 12:39 11 Jan 2015

If you lived near Romford, and checked eBay this morning before 8.30AM, you could have bid an won a complete 'good condition' system, complete with monitor for 99pence. Old perhaps, but everything was there, including new keyboard and mouse.

The person wanted to make space, and the system was apparently to good to scrap!.

Like I said earlier, check eBay, the make doesn't really matter, providing it works, for the purpose you want it for.

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