Rebuild problem

  imakemist 14:08 17 Feb 2005

I have recently rebuilt a computer using a selection of parts put together with advice from a very good supplier, so I don't think that I have any compatiblity problems. I have had quite a lot of experience in rebuilding computers and never had a problem before. On this occasion, the rebuilt computer refuses to fire up. I've checked all the connections to the motherboard and can find nothing wrong. Could the power supply be at fault? It was working OK before I started, but I can't think of anything else. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  jimv7 14:18 17 Feb 2005

Try another psu, and have you reset the bios for the new build.

  Joe R 14:53 17 Feb 2005


if there is no sound or activity when you switch on, there could be a problem with the power switch lead, from the case wiring, to the mobo.

Can you try turning the power connector, the opposite way.

  harps1h 22:54 17 Feb 2005

had the same problem myself last week. turned out it didn't like the ram

  JonnyTub 23:01 17 Feb 2005

post in the helproom for a better response :-)

  slimbo51 21:00 18 Feb 2005

Ram incompatabilty is one of the biggest causes of non starting comps.

Have built a great many in my time and always make sure I have several different manf of ram available.

Their is usually nothing wrong with the ram, just that certain M/Boards don't seem to like some types of ram.

Often found Asus boards are a bit piccy, where Abit board will seem to run any thing with no probs.

  Aristocatman 21:51 18 Feb 2005

I must admit although I have scratchbuilt quite a few PC's in the last 20 years I tend to buy a Novatech mobo with processor & ram pre fitted & tested - today's machines seem to be more picky than the old 'uns.

  quack 14:59 19 Feb 2005

On some motherboards you have to clear the CMOS before it will boot. Look in your manual to see if you need to move the jumpers to do this or try removing the CMOS Battery for a few seconds and then replace it. Make certain that the machine is not plugged up to the mains (even if switched off) before doing either of the above.

  imakemist 12:46 23 Feb 2005

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to reply. Sorry I haven't been in touch, due to other pressures. I will try out the suggestions when I can and let you know.

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