RealPlayer: real pain

  S5W 19:31 28 Oct 2005

About 4 years ago when I was new to computers I downloaded Realplayer and spent the next two days extricating myself from the resultant crashes and malfunctions; I learnt a great deal but obviously not enough.
Yesterday I downloaded the latest version of Realplayer, my computer immediately started to run VERY slowly,pages would not load, programs would not run, the whole thing was full of cold treacle. Having now returned my rig to normal and ditched dozens of weird bits and pieces left behind by Realplayer when I deleted it, I have learnt a lot more.
What is it with this wretched software? I have had a few dodgy programmes in the past years but nothing to compare with the screwball shenanigans of Realplayer.

  Splork 19:48 28 Oct 2005

Get rid of it and install this free, unobtrusive replacement instead. click here

  S5W 19:53 28 Oct 2005

Thanks for the tip Splork. I'll give it a go.

  Belatucadrus 21:02 28 Oct 2005

Yes the joys of Real Player one of our runaway winners in the Worst catagory in the recent "Best and Worst Software!" thread. One of the driving forces behind the EUs monumentally stupid decision to mandate the new Windows XP N version without media player, a product that's been flying off the shelves of european computer stores in the dozens maybe, but probably not.

And I still won't have it on my PCs, I'd rather do without.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:16 28 Oct 2005

I have Real Player solely so that I can view video on the BBC site. I have it carefully set up so that it only does what I want it to and only runs when required. WMP 10 is SOOOOO much better.

  anskyber 21:30 28 Oct 2005

Mr Mistoffelees
I could not agree more real Player has all the characteristics of a virus and spyware even though we know it is not. Like you I reloaded it to get BBC weather reports but it is such an invasive program. Role on BBC using Wi M 10 for all their streaming by default not just the news items.

  stalion 21:31 28 Oct 2005

have used real player since I first had a computer about nine years now absolutely no problems with it whatsoever

  Splork 21:31 28 Oct 2005

RealAlternative does video too - works seamlessly on my system, Firefox, IE6, it doesn't matter.

  Stuartli 23:55 28 Oct 2005

Apart from the suggestion of Real Alternative, as Mr Mistoffelees rightly points out you have to configure RealPlayer to do exactly as you want it to and not

  rdave13 00:31 29 Oct 2005

Same as stalion; use real player and no problems.

  €dstowe 11:26 29 Oct 2005

I've always wondered how RealPlayer persuaded the BBC to have it as an essential part of their website.

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