really poor laptop

  naineysman 22:56 26 Nov 2008

Hi, forgive if you think this belongs in helproom.

Close family friend bought ex demo laptop from one of our large retail companies as christmas present for her young son. (against my wishes)

It runs about 5 minutes before freezing up and generally is the worst laptop I have ever used. (it actually crashed during this post so I am using my laptop now)

Current recurring issues are, Windows explorer is not working, trackpad has developed a fault and is not working (when this happens the keyboard stops too) and general complete freezing (requiring a forced reboot)

toshiba satellite
Intel Celeron processor
2 Gig RAM
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows live One care

Given her current situation I think she may be stuck with this unit, ( I suggested returning it and paying to upgrade)

Q. Any tips or hints to help me tune this up so it operates moderately. I think its most use will be IE, MSN, youtube, etc.

thanks in advance

  jaraba 23:08 26 Nov 2008

When was it bought ?

  naineysman 23:11 26 Nov 2008

i think less than one month ago?

  curofone 23:32 26 Nov 2008

If it only 3 week old take it back and ask for your money back as most retailers have there own policy stating you can return the item for a full refund within the first 28 days if faulty.

The sales of good act also states that an item must be fit for purpose and if it is not then you can ask for your money back, you do not have to accept a repair, credit note or an exchange but with things like this time is critical the longer you leave the less rights you have.

Saying all that this could actually be a really simple problem to solve, if it is a new machine i doubt that you have much on it so why do you not just run the recovery? ie reinstall windows which would rule out any software issues. If you look in the instruction it should tell you how to run one. I know toshibas use to come with recovery disks but i believe they stopped doing that now so it is probably pressing one the f keys on start up and loading into a recovery program and following the on screen instructions. NOTE RUNNING A RECOVERY WILL DELETE EVERYTHING OFF THE C/HOME DRIVE SO BACKUP ANYTHING YOU NEED, sorry for the caps just making sure you didnt miss that bit

  naineysman 23:39 26 Nov 2008

Thanks for the input.

I think the advice is the best option (for me) but might not be for the friend but we'll see how we get on with the return first.

  naineysman 22:24 27 Nov 2008

Turns out because it was ex demo it was a bit buggy.

Store suggested a physical restore from the HDD and to be honest it works fine now.

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