A really cheapo laptop!

  Zero G 16:48 08 Feb 2007

OK i need to get a Laptop for showing users how a laptop works.
It needs to be new, but as cheap as possible.
XP Home fine as most of our users use it anyway.
I have seen them as low as £399 anyone know of cheaper ones!
Cheers in advance:)

  computerboy 17:01 08 Feb 2007

Dear Zero G

Unless you would like a second land laptop £399 is a good price

  Belatucadrus 17:19 08 Feb 2007

click here Not a lot cheaper, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

  pj123 17:28 08 Feb 2007

Anything here any good?

click here

  Jake_027 17:29 08 Feb 2007


click here


  Crash 17:37 08 Feb 2007

£349 at Dell click here

  wjrt 21:23 08 Feb 2007

click here*23ABU/HP_510_Celeron_M_360_14_GHz_154_TFT.htm

bigger screen and for using to show what a laptop can do a dvd/rw instead of the cd/rw of the dell

  wjrt 21:26 08 Feb 2007

its the HP 510 found under notebooks £39.to £499 category

  Zero G 21:42 08 Feb 2007

Thanks everyone.
Will get to play with the company credit card tomorrow!

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