readers digest

  spearos 20:03 23 Feb 2012

i have just received a demand for £13.98 for something i have not received and dont want to ,can someone tell me the best thing to do please

  ordep 20:05 23 Feb 2012

If its to do with RD, you'll need to send them a death certificate!

  iscanut 21:13 23 Feb 2012

Just send the demand back and tell them what you have told us !!! Don't pay it.

  spearos 07:21 24 Feb 2012

thanks i have sent back with a letter saying i will report them if i receive any more demands

  wiz-king 08:00 24 Feb 2012

ordep Then they will complain you haven't signed it!

  spuds 09:09 24 Feb 2012

If you put 'Dealing with payment demand letters from readers Digest' in Google search, you will find this is perhaps a world-wide problem :O(

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