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  The Brigadier 18:14 01 Dec 2006

Why if after 20 years on not buying from them do they still tell me i'm entered for their prize draw?

  Forum Editor 18:16 01 Dec 2006

didn't you realise that?

  jimmybond 18:16 01 Dec 2006

why are you asking a PC forum, rather than readers digest?

  Totally-braindead 18:32 01 Dec 2006

Never understood it myself but it works for them thats why they do it.
If it didn't then they wouldn't have been able to carry on for so long.

  season8 18:43 01 Dec 2006

It will teach you to buy from them!

  terryf 23:49 01 Dec 2006

We will be talking about the price of veg in the local supermarket next, why not keep a PC Advisor consumerwatch for relevant PC and associated material

  jakimo 00:48 02 Dec 2006

Your thread would not have received such adverse response if you had posted your so called "silly question" with all the other silly questions that are posted in the speakers corner forum.

By the way,I only got readers digest off my back was when I moved house

  Forum Editor 07:01 02 Dec 2006

Steady on. I don't think anyone - except you - has mentioned 'silly questions'. People have simply pointed out that this is a computer forum, and perhaps the question isn't appropriate here.

I tend to agree, but it's harmless enough, so we'll let it live, I think.

  Totally-braindead 21:54 02 Dec 2006

Jakimo PCA did open this Forum to non computer related postings and personally I find most of them a refreshing change. This one was a bit mundane in that its fairly obvious to me at least why they do it ie because it works, but I see nothing wrong with the posting. If you don't like non computer related postings and I know quite a few don't then all you have to do is ignore it. Its obvious from the title of the thread what its about.

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