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  whisked 01:00 02 Feb 2003

Thanks for your reply Mr Editor, it seems as though you are not giving me any comeback as you have shut the thread on me, very unfair to put it mildly!!

I have a couple of things to say.

1) i didnt notice it said that in the terms and conditions if that is the case that surely is outrageous, how can they get away with that!! thats like someone standing at the entrance to a church charging you a fiver to get in.


2) i find it rather offensive that i am getting accused of intending to do something illegal, i am very new to music downloading and am baffled by what is and what isnt legal etc, in fact i have posted recently on here before about this. when i see what is a resepctable looking site charging me to be able to download music i dont get the impression from that, that i am about to do something illegal, and i am surprised a forum editor makes assumptions so easily


  Forum Editor 01:44 02 Feb 2003

1. The fact that you didn't read the terms and conditions before parting with your money is your fault - nobody else's. You can hardly complain when a site tells you quite clearly that you are paying for access only - they couldn't really be more transparent, the statement is as follows, and is under the heading SERVICE which is very clearly marked:

"All software recommendations refer to software that is available without charge to individuals at large for specific purposes." Plain enough I would have thought.

2. This forum editor makes assumptions based on experience, and experience lead me to suspect that you were planning to download copyright music tracks without paying for them. If I was wrong I apologise unreservedly,and withdraw the comment, but you downloaded KaZaa, and that site is notorious for offering illegal downloads. There have been dozens of threads in the forum about KaZaa and the problem of copyright theft, and you have been visiting the forum for a long time. You must have seen at least one thread that talked about this subject.

I'm not prepared to enter into a debate about this - you chose to post a public complaint, so I'm answering it in public. We decide what does, and what doesn't stay on our forum and the subject's closed as far as I'm concerned.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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