Re-chargeable batteries, are they worth the bother

  bumpkin 21:30 07 Mar 2014

I have tried them in the past, they are 2.4v instead of 3v to start with, they are expensive compared to normal batteries and you need a charger which uses power which has to be paid for. Never last as long as a proper battery, get lost or thrown out by mistake. If you live in a situation like myself where there are probably 40 to 50 batteries installed in various devices toys handsets mice etc, it soon adds up. I prefer to just bulk buy Duracell from somewhere like 7 Day shop

  larchwoodmark 21:36 07 Mar 2014

they are definatly worth it if your running a digital camera.. though i do agree with you for a lot of applications, tv remotes etc the life span of a duracell is better..


  bumpkin 21:57 07 Mar 2014

Strange that you should say that, I once worked with a professional photographer and he would only ever use a brand new battery and take spares every time he went to work, if he had only used it for 2 mins he would bin it , I used to pick them out Duracell 95% left.

  Aitchbee 21:59 07 Mar 2014

I've got a couple of small solar-cell-powered floodlights [with motion sensors - so the light comes on when walking nearby]. Light energy from the Sun is converted into chemical energy within the rechargable batteries housed inside the body of the lamps, and this 'free energy' then lights up the array of LED lights in the floodlights. No bother at all.

  bumpkin 22:02 07 Mar 2014

I asked him why and he said "I am here to make some money from filming, I can't be bothered buggering about with batteries"

  Forum Editor 22:28 07 Mar 2014

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  hssutton 21:10 08 Mar 2014

I've been using rechargeable batteries for my photographic work for my cameras and flash equipment for the past 10 years. Would never dream of using anything other than rechargeable. Always buy top quality batteries and top quality battery charges, never ever had any problems.

  imendpc 17:23 16 Mar 2014

Umm, I can see why this was posted in "Speakers Corner" in the first place! Technically and financially I would go for rechargeable. If 2.4V and not 3V is the issue that you can get Nickel Zinc batteries as these are 1.6v each. So it seemed to be more of a campaign to use Duracell for convenience for convenience sake so should have been left in "Speaker's Corner"!

  Forum Editor 18:42 16 Mar 2014


"So it seemed to be more of a campaign to use Duracell for convenience for convenience sake so should have been left in "Speaker's Corner"!"

I have no idea what all that means, and in any case it's my job to make those decisions.

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