Rare PC100 Ram? Whats it worth?

  babybell 20:37 17 Nov 2004

I was running an old Daewoo pc and i upgraded the ram to 528mb rougly. Its old Pc100 ram, anyway i have now got a new pc so im going to sell my old one. Would i be better off removing the ram back to 32mb and making a bit more money selling the ram seperately as it is quite rare, or should i just cut my losses and sell it with the pc. More importantly is there a market for old ram like this?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:42 17 Nov 2004

'as it is quite rare'...please tell me this is an attempt at humour. Your chances of getting anything for an old computer is grim and one with 32Mb nil.


  babybell 20:47 17 Nov 2004

Well i have been on ebay and old pc100 ram seems to sell well, just wondering if i should do that and sell the old pc (which still works well) to a student for however much they offer

  [email protected] 21:35 17 Nov 2004

a PC with only 32MB RAM would be absolutely unusable with any but the oldest software available.

Considering people can buy new computers now for £200 (without a monitor), I doubt anyone would pay anything worthwhile for yours, sorry.

As for selling your RAM, if there is a market on ebay that will buy it then you may as well get what you can

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:38 17 Nov 2004

I've just bought 128MBs of pc100 sdram for an old pc I am upgrading for a friend. It cost me all of £6.50 including postage, via eBay. If that is typical I suppose you could say pc100 ram is not worth much.

  Forum Editor 22:20 17 Nov 2004

if you can sell this computer for more than a nominal sum - it certainly isn't going to be useable in any real sense of the word, at least as far as modern software is concerned. As for the RAM - if you can sell it good luck to you, I'm amazed that there's an active market for it.

  BITS&BOBS 11:46 18 Nov 2004

ill give you £5 for the lot.

You can get a full P3 700mhz 128MB RAM tower on ebay for £40.

  Grouse ® 15:04 18 Nov 2004

Crucial.com still sell 512MB PC100 for £95.00 if you can get anything on ebay, then go for it!

the PC is probalbly not worth much, you could try selling parts individually on ebay, that is motherboard, CPU, RAM, Monitor, HDD with windows software included................?

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