Is this RAM any good?

  @lchemist 23:19 11 May 2003

Just a quick question:

click here

Is this any good? The price is certainly right!

  @lchemist 23:30 11 May 2003

One more thing... Has anyone had any problems with the retailer, Komplett? Are they a decent company to buy from?

  Eagie 23:48 11 May 2003

I've never dealt with Komplett so can't advise on that one, however most people on this forum (including me) recommend Crucial as the best place to buy Ram from (I've yet to hear a single negative comment about them).

Crucial's prices inc delivery whereas Kompletts don't.

For Crucials DDR PC3200 modulesclick here=

  mcullum_DX4Life 01:25 12 May 2003

You are using a processor that has a 400Mhz FSB (Athlon 3200+ for example) you will in general not seen any improvement over PC2700 RAM in fact in some cases the performance will be worse.

You could save yourself a few pound by getting PC2700 RAM or even spend a few pound extra and get PC2700 with CL2 timings.

Just my own advice to you.

  ekblue 01:30 12 May 2003

i added a TwinMoss PC2700 512mb block to my PC about a month ago (cost £45) so far no probs.

  @lchemist 02:17 12 May 2003

Okay, a few things to say...
I've steered away from Crucial for PC3200 because their sticks only seem to be rated for CAS3. If they had CAS2 sticks in I'd definitely have a look. And yes, I do plan on getting a 3200+ with 400mhz fsb when they come out, and overclocking my 2500+ to 400mhz fsb in the mean time to bridge the gap!

  @lchemist 02:44 12 May 2003

Just checked out the prices, £68.12 for two sticks of Crucial, and £69.36 for two sticks of TwinMOS, hardly any difference there! Whilst CAS latencies supposedly make very little differnce in performance, for the money I might as well go for the TwinMOS at the moment. I'm fairly confident that the money will be well spent! Thanks for the responses

  mcullum_DX4Life 05:15 12 May 2003

If you have the £400 to spend on an AthlonXP 3200+, why dont you invest in some performance RAM to compliment it? It sounds to me like you want as much speed as you can get, you will be let down by TwinMos and Crucial.

The likes of Corsair, OCZ and Geil come to mind. Just before Christmas i invested in 1GB OCZ PC3500 ULL RAM - i currently have it running at 446Mhz with 2T 2T 2T 6T 1T timings. Its spectacular! Try getting that from Crucial or any other brand.

There is no point in you buying the latest processors etc if you do not have the performance from all the components to match.

  Dicmay 18:17 14 May 2003

You probably cant get the same performance out of crucial and Twinmoss as you can from Corsair and OCZ but remember the difference in performance is minimal but the price difference is not.

The Twinmoss PC3200 with Winbond happen to the one of the best of the ram sticks to buy. In my opinion anyway. They'll overclock like mad. Not sure what the timmings would be like tho.

  Dicmay 18:18 14 May 2003

Btw, Komplett are a well respected retailer. They've just won etailer of the yr from the team at

  @lchemist 18:23 14 May 2003

Just read the latest word on 3200+'s, and it turns out that one probably wouldn't work on my motherboard anyway! I've got an Epox 8RDA+, but apparently a 3200+ would only really work on a "second generation" nforce 2 board, such as the 8RDA3+. Bit of an annoyance, but that's life I suppose!

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