Is this RAM any good??

  [DELETED] 17:42 24 Apr 2006

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I'm looking for RAM but dont want to dent the bank balance too much. This looks like good value - its selling for a lot more on
sites like Pixmania. Is it any good though?

Much appreciated,

The Blaa

  [DELETED] 17:55 24 Apr 2006

The trouble is its Ebay, its second hand. I notice the seller has 100% feedback so far and thats good. I personally wouldn't buy second hand memory but many people do. Is the memory any good? Well yes its ok the Value range is the cheapest memory Kingston do. But the memory has to be compatible with your system you can't just bung any memory in and expect it to work. If its the wrong memory and you buy it will they refund you?

Pixmania I would never buy from in case something went wrong as its based overseas, France I think and if anything goes wrong it means you have to post it overseas.

I know its dearer but you can't beat Crucial click here and if you're unsure of what memory your PC can take then look here even if you're buying elsewhere.

  Stuartli 17:59 24 Apr 2006

Avoid buying from companies based abroad.

If things go OK then it's fine but, if something is faulty and/or requires returning, then the resulting problems will haunt you.

Kingston is a respected memory manufacturer but this is an auction and you won't a) know how much it will eventually cost you (plus p and p) and b) you might not even be successful.

At the moment memory is starting to go up in price again - 256MB DDR memory costing £26 at the beginning of this month is now up to £32 at one major online supplier - so it's worth checking out dabs, Scan, Novatech etc for prices quickly.

Alternatively buy on e-Bay at Buy Now! prices, but I would avoid the US based offers.

  spuds 18:04 24 Apr 2006

Kingston memory is a well known product, with some very good reviews. Places like Ebuyer stock and sell this make. But buying secondhand memory from eBay could have its problems, and I would be inclined to contact the seller about a possible warranty or safeguard that the memory is in good working order, and they will provide a refund, if it proves faulty.

I have purchased a number of electrical/electronic goods from eBay, some have been a bargain others have not.With new from a retailer, you will have a guarantee of at least 12 months.

Regarding your reference to Pixmania, I would suggest that you do a PCA search about that company.

  Stuartli 18:10 24 Apr 2006

It could be that the seller buys up and then strips down equipment that has been discarded (perhaps by businesses), selling items on an individual basis to make more profit overall.

I occasionally deal with an shop outlet in the Midlands that does a lot of sales of this type and the owner is most helpful and very efficient in every way. See:

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However, he is unlikely to have the type of RAM you are seeking.

  [DELETED] 18:13 24 Apr 2006

Plus can your motherboard take 2 gigs of RAM anyway? Have you checked that out?

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