radeon9800se all-in-wonder, reviews welcome

  janze 21:52 28 Sep 2004

would appreciate advice on this card, also does it have digital tv or analogue?

  Sion 22:15 28 Sep 2004

Well, my friend has the 9800se, but not the all in one version. If your interested in playing games, steer welllll clear over this model. Its alright for the older games, but the lifespan on the card is about very short. He bought it hoping Doom 3 would run faster on his machine, and lo and behold ! It didn't.

So, from a gamers perspective, no i would not.

I honestly could not comment on the tv capabilities on this card though.

  david.h 22:47 28 Sep 2004

the aiw is the card i will get when my lotto numbers come up and i build my new top notch machine the new aiw come in a pci express slot now
if only!!

  sctang 04:06 29 Sep 2004

This card is actually a very good one. It's actually a 9800 pro with half of the 8 pipelines disabled by software. All you need to activate the extra pipelines is to use rivatuner or a set of omega drivers (ATI/NVIDIA approved).

click here

click here

  Rigga 08:47 29 Sep 2004

I have the 9800Pro All in Wonder.

The TV input is analogue, there being a normal TV aerial socket on the back of the card. There's also, s-video, and component video inputs, on a little purple break out box which attaches to the back of the card.

TV viewing is good, from what I've tested so far. you can even make your entire desktop background act as a TV, which is fun be not very practical!!

I have digitised a couple of video's using a VCR and the cards analogue TV input. It works very well and there was no frame drop, or other anomalies. Although I do have a Fast CPU and SATA drives in Raid0 config, which is probably helping the process.

On the Pro card gaming is very good, It can run the Doom3 demo @1200x1024 in high quality, not sure what frame rates I'm getting and it's easily playable. Not sure about the SE card, but I know it's much slower. Also beware that even with a top graphics card if you have an older CPU, the game will still run slowly, as the CPU becomes the bottleneck not the GPU.

As sctang point out you can enable the extra pipelines on the se card, to get it close to Pro levels, and with some extra oc'ing full pro levels, but beware, I believe only about 50% of cards work fully, with no problems click here
Some cards have artifacts after softmodding!


  simonp1 00:15 30 Sep 2004

Well like most things, its down to what you are going to do with it, and whats your budget..

For modern gaming its really not very good, but a 9800 pro for £130 is a good option..

click here

click here

This guide compares most GF cards..you will see for COD the 9800se is very poor worse than a 9600, so stay clear to be honest..

this link below is a good place to buy from, plenty of choise

click here

  Rogerfredo 10:47 02 Oct 2004

Sctang is right to say that the SE is a 9800 with half the pielines disabled. but wrong to say that these can be opened using software to bring the SE back to "pro" spec.
They will open using software, but you will be lucky not to get severe "pixelation" faults if you do this.
The reason that they created an SE in the first place is because some of the production chips fail to achieve the full spec and have to be downgraded.
Having said that, I bought a 9800SE Powercolour board from Komplett for less than £90 and am satisfied with the performance (although I am not a games expert).(PS. avoid some SE boards which are based on the lower spec 9500 board).

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