Radeon Graphics Driver Problems Help Needed

  scooby03 15:08 07 Apr 2003

I have a Radeon 9700 Pro card plugged into my Carrera system. System details are Win XP, 2.8ghz P4, 512mb PC2700 ram, P4S8X mobo. Since purchase in January I have updated the video drivers to Catalyst 3.1 and then 3.2 and also added DirectX9 to my system. I havent yet been able to get a consisten gaming experience on my PC and games keep crashing and switching off the whole system forcing a restart. When it does restart I get the usual message prompting me to report the error ot MS. I did this once and all I got was an indication that it was due to a driver problem hence why I believe its an ATI driver causing the problem.

Have now rolled back my diver/overwritten it to Catalyst 3.00 which are supposedly stable but I am still getting crashes in NOLF2 & DF-BHD.

Anyone out there got any advice on how to resolve this please?

  Mark 17:02 07 Apr 2003


Yes I have the 9500 pro and it's just the same. ATI's support is pitiful and there products are simply arse. I would never touch another product with that logo on the box EVER.
I suppose you have been through the useless help pages on the site?
You can email them, they will take an age to reply and then tell you that "in our experience these problems are usually a configuration problem" REALLY I am surprised. They give you a ref number to use if you need to reply for further help, when you do this they simply ignore you.
My advice, sell it and get a decent card from a decent manafacturer who cares about their customers.

Kind regards


  Rayuk 17:14 07 Apr 2003

Perhaps a visit here may be of assistance click here

  two00lbwaster 19:24 07 Apr 2003

mark the products are fine. if you had experienced pre catalyst drivers then you would be singing the praises of the current drivers for their stability.

i personally dont have a problem with the drivers on windows 2000 radeon 9500(hacked as 9700) with the 3.2 cats which have sorted the juddering on my system, though having a combination of usb drivers has a pretty appaling effect on pre 3.2 cat drivers and even the 3.2 arent the best solution.

you should see a marked improvement with the 3.3 cats which should be out soonish i'm led to believe.
this isnt the best forum to post a problem on try going over to the display adapers and drivers section on click here and post there with your problems and they'll have it sorted very quickly at a guess

  scooby03 12:50 08 Apr 2003

Thanks gents. One more thought, will having the Drivers and Control Panel versions out of step have an effect do you think?

  manicminergb 13:43 08 Apr 2003

i solved the random crashes and lock up's by going into bios and altering the agp aperture setting to the same or less than the the memory on the gr.card - seems like there is a timing issue on some motherboards with the agp slot and radions

  scooby03 14:38 08 Apr 2003

Thanks in English then waht does that mean? Going into BIOS and updating the AGP aperture setting to 128 as its a 128mb card?

  Mark 21:42 08 Apr 2003


Back again, sorry to sound so negative in the last email but I don't like paying that much cash to take part in a product evaluation project. Why do I say this?
Today I talked to Sapphire, they are an ATI approved manafactureer and if you bought the card in the UK it most probably came out of their door. They told me this, the Radeon cards have conflicts with a lot of motherboards currently available, including mine and probably yours as well. If you look on the rear of the card (side without the fan) you will see a small chip about 2 cms away from the display connector. On the chip is a ID number which begins with either SC or APW. If your chip says APW its a dog and your going to get snags. I was told that if this is the case you should return your card for exchange (yeah right).
Anyhow thats from the horses mouth so to speak.

Just out of interest are you guys without problems running direct X 8 or 9??

Don't hold your breath for new drivers with this many problems it might take months.

Regards to you all


  scooby03 10:01 09 Apr 2003


Im running DX9 currently. Having looked @ the ASUS & Rage3d websites it looks like it could be a combination of things. I have changed the AGP aperture to 128mb but have had a crash since. Next stop is to install an updated AGP driver from SIS (according to ASUS)version 1.13. Although this makes me a bit nervous I dont want to open the lid on it yet.

Anybody installed an AGP driver before? Any tips on how to remove it if doesnt work??


  two00lbwaster 13:05 09 Apr 2003

yeah have got the updated driver on my asus a7s333 which is what you have at a guess. and my radeon 9500(running as a 9700 soft modded) and i havent had any problems scince cat 3.0's. agp apature is set at 256mb though with 512mb of pc2100 crucial ram and a 2100+ and windows 2000 service pack3

  scooby03 14:03 09 Apr 2003

Thanks, my mobo is a P4S8X not the one you mention but the ASUS website suggested this was the right agp driver to update it.

My rig has 512 mb DDR PC2700 so would it be worthwhile upping the AGP Aperture in Bios to 256mb as you suggest?

If so, I'll update the bios and install the SIS driver and see what happens with the Cat 3.0's still on there.

I'll let you know!

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