Radeon cards, which one to go for?

  Shorty 12:59 15 Dec 2003

I am looking at upgrading my GeForce 2mx card to a Radeon at Chrismas, I have a budget up to £150. I am trying to get my head around which card is best having seen a Radeon 9600, 9600 pro, 9600se, 9600xt. Also I have seen an 'All In Wonder' 9800se on Dabs at £160, is there a catch here?

Also at what level does a graphics card match the next level up i.e. is (for instance) a 9600pro equivalent to a basic 9700?

My system Windows Me, 384mb ram, 1ghz Athlon

Your advice would be appricated as I am confused :o)

  Shorty 14:08 17 Dec 2003

It seems that I am looking in the right ball park for the cards. I think I will be looking at 9600 Pro or XT, and depending if there are any xmas/new year bargains possibly a 9700/9800.
Simonp1 - Online games, my reactions are far too slow for such dalliance
Citadel - Yes, the next upgrade for me will be Mobo/processor/RAM - ho hum the never-ending cycle of upgrading
Q-bie - 9600pro sounds good and yes I had noticed that the nVidia XT was not what you may think. Going back to my original post, no wonder I am confused. Must be the age.

Thanks everyone for your input.

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