Radeon 9800 (NON PRO) Vs 9800 PRO!?

  tomcrick 09:57 20 Aug 2003

Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone could enlighten me on the performance difference between the ATI Radeon 9800 (non pro) and the 9800 Pro version? Having trawled the net I cannot find any benchmarks comparing them!

Having checked the ATI website it looks like the only difference is Engine and Memory Clock speed (325/580 compared with 380/680). The price difference is some £100 or so. How much difference does the extra clock speed make to performance?

I?m a product design student and mainly use my PC for PhotoShop and 3D Cad (Solidworks, 3D Studio Max). Is clock speed worth an extra 100 quid?



  fitfella29 17:21 20 Aug 2003

you could always get the 9700 pro.

  pdxxtqhf 18:12 20 Aug 2003

It is not worth the extra. The 9700 pro will do the the job. But if you want to animate 3D work you should get as much ram as you can.

  Ironman556 23:40 20 Aug 2003

I know gamers prefer the Pro versions of the cards, they're set up better and are aimed to give higher performance there is meant to be a fair difference in performance. (I think I'm right to say that especially with the new range, 9200, 9600 and 9800, ATI have tried to make the performance gap greater between the cards so that you literally get what you pay for)

The Radeon 9800Pro is one of the top cards out at the moment, and will do far more than most people need currently, so you pay top price for it. Generally I think it's reccomended to go for a model lower (9700) but to get the Pro version of the cardas suggested above.

One thing to bear in mind is that you won't get more performance out of a better card if your PC's not up to it. Ie. you must have 8X AGP, loads of RAM and a fast CPU to unlock the full potential of the card.

If you're using CAD/CAM packages, have you had a look click here The Parhelia is not aimed at a gamers market like the Radeon's are, and is designed to work well with CAD packages. I don't know how it performs compared to the 9800/Pro though.

Have you tried click here I'm pretty sure there was a comparison of loads of graphics cards, but I can't find it now. You will see the 9700 Pro compared to the 9800 Pro though in one article, which may be helpful.

click here have some good prices on the Sapphire cards.

  tomcrick 09:41 21 Aug 2003

Thanks for your comments. Looks like I should opt for the 9700 pro. Am looking at other althernatives as well - thanks ironman.



  Beb? 13:09 21 Aug 2003

Id recommend the GeForce 5900fx ultra. Its got nearly 50% more bandwidth than the 9800 and cost pretty much the same

  The Sack 14:25 21 Aug 2003

the 9800 (non pro) is as fast as the 9700 pro and as the 9800 is just an underclocked 9800 pro, well draw your own conclustions.

click here for the full low down on the 9800 against the 9700 pro etc.

BTW a 9800 is £214 where as the FX5900 ultra is nearly £400, the extra bandwidth isnt worth that much.

  inglese40 15:24 21 Aug 2003

There is a review of 9800 on click here
Basically performance of 9800 is very similar to 9700Pro and inferior too 9800pro.
For more details follow this link click here

There are numerous interesting reviews on this site.

  The Sack 16:26 21 Aug 2003

Hey well done on posting the same link as me in the very next post.

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