Quiet dvd player

  jimbob123 00:23 12 Dec 2005

Hi there everyone! (first post)

I like watching dvd's on my pc but find that my dvd drive makes quite a bit of noise. It did come with my computer I bought over five years ago so I was hoping that technology has moved on a bit since.

Are there any extra quiet dvd-rom drives out there?

- hoping to use it with a Viewsonic VP930 monitor so movie's should be enjoyable I hope? Do some come with aditional software for playing dvd's more smoothly?

  jimbob123 00:27 12 Dec 2005

That's do some dvd players come with software, not monitors :-)

  SG Atlantis® 07:48 12 Dec 2005

yes you normally get limited apps with drives, nero and powerdvd was what I got. Philips drives in PCWORLD are superb and quiet.

Is it a DVD-ROM or DVDRW you want?

  freaky 11:29 12 Dec 2005

The more recent DVD drives have quicker read/write capabilities - as a result they spin quicker, hence more noise when they start up. Once they have reached maximum rpm then they are relatively quiet. If you are playing DVD's on your PC, then I doubt if you would notice this mechanical noise as the sound track of the DVD would mask it.

As regards DVD-ReWritable - then PCA gives some good reviews of the LG Super/Multi GSA 4163B and 41637B. PCW sell them in two versions - Boxed and OEM. The OEM version is a lot cheaper but you just get the drive, nothing else. I replaced mt CD-Rom Drive with the LG 4163B OEM and find it excellent.

  WillyDR 11:48 12 Dec 2005

You could try Nero DriveSpeed at click here I suppose.... Lowering the read speed should impact the noise level

  Stuartli 14:14 12 Dec 2005

>>The OEM version is a lot cheaper but you just get the drive, nothing else.>>

But if you've already got a burning program etc that's all that you require.

Installing the drive means that Windows will automatically load the basic CDROM driver, which is all that is required for CD and DVD ROM and rewriter drives.

  De Marcus™ 14:51 12 Dec 2005

I think pioneer drives come with a quiet drive utility (and if they don't the patch can be downloaded frm their website) the patch is available from click here the supported models are as follows DVR-A09XLA, A09XLB, A09XLC, 109XLA1, 109XLB1,109XLC1, DVR-A08XLA, -A08XLB, -A08XLC, DVR-A07XLA/XLB, DVR-A07XLA/XLB, DVR-A08XLA/XLB/XLC, DVR-A09XLA/XLB/XLC, DVR-109XLA1/XLB1/XLC1. Sorry if there's any repeated one's in there.

  jimbob123 18:09 12 Dec 2005

Thanks for the help and advice people!

  jimbob123 18:09 12 Dec 2005


  De Marcus™ 22:21 12 Dec 2005


What happened in the end?

Live, happy ever after?

Nah, just kidding what'd you plump for?

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