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  BIG ben strikes 10 19:22 09 Mar 2004

hi all,on ebuyer they have a wireless LAN pci cardclick here can i use two of these to share a dial-up connection.just using these.well cheers.

  jjf72 23:44 09 Mar 2004


  Jester2K 08:25 10 Mar 2004

Don't you need a router too?

  BIG ben strikes 10 17:12 10 Mar 2004

hi jester2k i have a ADSL router will that do? and can i set this to use as a wireless router using a wireless adapter?

  jjf72 18:06 10 Mar 2004

You don't need a router. If one pc is connected to the internet, another pc connected to it can share that connection ie they are both connected at the same time. The connection between the PCs can be ethernet or wireless. If you have a wireless card in each and an internet connection to one, that's all you need.

  BIG ben strikes 10 18:42 10 Mar 2004

jjf72 r u positive that it will work? if i can pusade my dad to buy this for me and use the internet on both computers at the same time it will be ok.but if this doesnt then he will flip.lol.forum editor what do u think?

  jjf72 21:16 10 Mar 2004

Yes I am absolutely positive. I am currently sitting in front of my laptop typing this. It has a D-link PCMCIA card ( £20 from ebuyer) which connects it to the main PC which has a D-link PCI card( same price). This PC is connected to the internet through a USB modem to Freeserve Broadband. No routers or anything else required. When the PC is online, the laptop is too and I can surf on both totally independently and with no noticable loss of speed. I have also previously had them connected by ethernet and with a dial-up connection and been able to use both perfectly well, if a little slower.

I should say that both machines are running XP and are in fairly close proximity although can use them on different floors in the house.

Network and internet connection setup was very easy. Feel free to post further questions. Will check back later tonight

  BIG ben strikes 10 21:24 10 Mar 2004

ok jjf72 cheers mate i believe you.you say you have broadband.becouse i have a dial-up connection will the other computer connect when i do?.thanks alot mate you'v been a *(star)and evryone else.only thing else i have to pursade my dad to get me these pci adapters.lol

  jjf72 22:26 10 Mar 2004

With Dial-up, if I remember correctly, if you try to connect while on the networked pc (ie the one not connected directly to the internet) a message flags up on the 'internet' PC saying something like a network computer has requested connection, do you want to connect. So the connection has to be initiated by the 'internet' PC- you cant 'tell' it to connect from the network PC. If the main PC is already connected to the internet, the networked pc just goes online.

Good luck with your dad!

  BIG ben strikes 10 09:14 13 Mar 2004

thanks for all your help i am very gratefull.and it looks like a yes for my dad to buy me these PCI thing a ma gig.thanks alot once again.didnt really work out being a quick qiestion though.

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