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Quick bit of graphics card advice please

  Bailey08787 14:52 30 Jul 2009

I currently have an MSI 8600 GT graphics card in my pc. This one: click here

I was wondering if it was worth buying the 9600 GSO, listed here click here

......and whether I would notice any real improvements?


  GaT7 11:58 03 Aug 2009

Good question. If you have a look at pics of the card it has a PCI-E connector located as follows:

An Asus one: top middle, just above & left of the fan click here / 5th pic on Newegg gives a better view/angle click here

A similar Inno3D one requires it too: top right click here

And the specs at Novatech (Specification tab > System requirements) click here states: "One 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connectors"


  Bailey08787 12:58 03 Aug 2009

thanks for that - hopefully my card will come boxed with necessary power connector converters

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