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Quick bit of graphics card advice please

  Bailey08787 14:52 30 Jul 2009

I currently have an MSI 8600 GT graphics card in my pc. This one: click here

I was wondering if it was worth buying the 9600 GSO, listed here click here

......and whether I would notice any real improvements?


  GaT7 17:11 30 Jul 2009

Yes, it'll be an improvement, but not by very much as it has DDR2 memory. If you can find one for similar money with DDR3 memory, then it may be worth going for.

Note that the card needs a 6pin PCI-E power connector from the PSU to run.

If you're thinking of getting a better one solely for gaming & at a relatively low price, a HD 4670 for ~£53 click here, may be a better choice. This does not require a 6pin connector, & will work with most 350W or higher PSUs.

If you're not upgrading for gaming, then it would be best to stick with your current, passively-cooled, silent card that's more than sufficient for most, if not all, other tasks. G

  Bailey08787 17:18 30 Jul 2009

I am upgrading solely for gaming purposes - but I'm really looking to spend as little as possible.

In fact, I've found that most games I have run fine on the current card.

But I'm passing the PC on to a 13 year old boy, and as he buys new games, I don't want him to be hindered by a long in the tooth card.

It'll be his first pc - so he won't have a clue about frame rates, anti-aliasing, etc and I'm sure he'll be quite content to run the games on medium settings.

I just want to ensure he has a smooth, stutter free experience

  GaT7 17:25 30 Jul 2009

Ah, it's for games then!

Perhaps if you can let us know the following...

- the games he intends playing
- the screen resolution he'll be using (determined by the monitor)
- the rest of the PC's specs: CPU, RAM & PSU in particular

...we'd be in a better position to suggest something suitable. G

  Bailey08787 17:36 30 Jul 2009


Asus A8N Premium mobo
AMD Socket 939 4200+ cpu
4gb RAM

Games - things like COD4, Far Cry 2, Grid, Fifa 09, Command & Conquer, World in Conflict, Spore, X3, etc.

The monitor is Samsung SM933SN 18.5" TFT Monitor 1360x768 16:9 300cd/m2 15000:1 5ms

  GaT7 17:49 30 Jul 2009

Well, if you've run the above games satisfactorily on the 8600GT, then the 9600GSO will be sufficient for the spec & screen res.

However, you've not told us anything about the PSU. So make & model OR wattage & availability of a 6pin connector will be helpful. G

  Bailey08787 22:00 30 Jul 2009

the PSU is an Antec 380w

I'm not sure about a 6 pin connector - there's plenty of those 4 pin molex connectors free

  Bailey08787 22:00 30 Jul 2009

the PSU is an Antec 380w

I'm not sure about a 6 pin connector - there's plenty of those 4 pin molex connectors free

  GaT7 22:19 30 Jul 2009

Antec make excellent PSUs & I reckon their 380W version is very good for its rating too.

You'll need a twin-molex to PCI-E adapter for the 9600GSO. This may be included with the card, but if not you can get one for £3 delivered off CCLOnline click here.

Don't forget you can get free delivery from Scan via one of these methods: click here OR click here. G

  Bailey08787 11:21 03 Aug 2009

thanks for your advice

I've ordered the card (9600 GSO - £35) - will be interesting to see if I can notice any differences in the performance

  Bailey08787 11:30 03 Aug 2009

btw, how do you know it requires a 6 pin power connector (or any power connector at all)?

I couldn't see reference to this


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