question for FE re:- carrera

  its fried 21:28 08 Jan 2003
  its fried 21:28 08 Jan 2003

Fe, without re-lighting a carrera witch hunt I would be be gratefull if you could give me your opinion of recent posts about their service. obviously you guys have much more experience of the industry as a whole and can give a more unbiased view. i would still like to consider them should i buy from a system builder and am awaiting the outcome of the people who have recently placed orders but as someone said on here recently, your ratings have been altered to refect consumers problems before and i was curious wether pca is still prepared to recommend them.

  Forum Editor 21:38 08 Jan 2003

you'll probably agree that it would be unfair of me to comment about an individual manufacturer in this way.

If I make a positive comment it would leave me open to criticism, should you have an unpleasant experience.

If I comment in a negative fashion I might be accused of undermining the company's reputation - many people reading the comment might be deterred from purchasing.

I don't have access to any statistics about customer service satisfaction (or otherwise) in respect of Carrera computers, so I don't think I'll be of much help. I'm sure that other forum members will provide details of their personal experiences though.

  Ranger 21:46 08 Jan 2003

dealt with them once, PC arrived later than anticipated (in fairness it wasn't all their fault) PC arrived without the software that was supposed to, eventually got through to them and software sent out a week or so later (seemingly they were out of stock and that's why it didn't arrive with PC)
Would I use them again? don't know, possibly

  its fried 21:52 08 Jan 2003

alas someone has recently posted looking to obtain peoples views - good and bad but mainly bad press was posted and this is unfortuantly the way the company is comming across here at the moment, justified or not. they seen to have a good product but poor service.

no offence meant, its just that i have the go ahead to replace our aging pc from my better half and i want to get my options sorted before its too late.

  Forum Editor 22:04 08 Jan 2003

Please don't think that.

We're here to help with queries like yours, and we can - have a look at the reviews (Blue link at top of page), and then browse the archive - just type the name of a computer company into the search box and you'll get lots of information.

Bear in mind the mantra that we we repeat every time this crops up: people who are unhappy are far more likely to tell the forum about it than those with no problems.

Good luck with your search - come back to your thread if you need more help.

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