A query email - help,please!!

  Yimbo 11:58 25 Mar 2011

I've received an email - not addressed to me or using my email address - from a company called Puremobile Inc. It gives an order number and tells me that 624.00 USD will show on my next card statement. The addressee appears to be in Italy - the address ends in ".it". I've emailed Puremobile in USA for explanation - but is there anything else I should be doing??

  carver 12:02 25 Mar 2011

It's just a way to verify your e-mail address, you have done just what they wanted so don't be surprised if you start getting a load of spam.

  spuds 13:09 25 Mar 2011

This might help from a yesterday's posting on a similar matter click here

  Yimbo 14:27 25 Mar 2011

We are aware of an issue where random people are getting emails
suggesting we will be charging their Credit Card for an Order.

1. This is a spam message sent by someone not affiliated with us.

2. We have no idea who you are and I am sure you never heard of us either.

3. We CANNOT charge your card since we don't have any of your details.

There is not much we can do as we don't know who is sending these
emails. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Best Regards,
PureMobile Sales

  Yimbo 15:57 25 Mar 2011

so thanks for the link, spuds! What I still do not understand, carver, "It's just a way to verify your e-mail address". Maybe so, but how did the email with a completely different address get into my Inbox?

  spuds 17:11 25 Mar 2011

This sometimes happens, and your ISP might block a few getting through, but as in this case, it didn't.

That is why you should never open any emails that you have serious doubts about, and definitely never open any attachments,click on links or provide personel details like banking or password information to such emails.

Some of these email or phishings can look very genuine, and the usual giveaway is the incorrect email address details.

Best to delete and bin them.

  Yimbo 17:39 25 Mar 2011

I'll follow your advice! But have you any idea how an email like this, with an address that is not mine, still managed to get into my Inbox??

  spuds 18:04 25 Mar 2011

If you like a long read, then this might give a few answers to your question. Basically its all to do with a slight abbreviation, modification of email name details click here

  Yimbo 18:17 25 Mar 2011

You weren't kidding - a long read indeed! But there's lots of stuff in the article(s) which I really ought to make the effort to learn at least something about. And ... I will!!

Thanks for all your help! You're one of the many folk who make me glad I joined PCA Forums!!

I've collected three Trojans today - but all caught and deleted by my Zone Alarm!

  numskull 09:56 26 Mar 2011

I got one yesterday and it contains a virus.
EXP/pidief UK

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