Quality desks - where to buy?

  Spook Tooth (Exiled-Gamers.co.uk) 15:30 17 Oct 2005

Have looked through the likes of Argos and drawn blanks and searched google and come up with specialist suppliers of office desks aimed at commercial markets (usually sell in bulk).

What I need is a decent large desk that doesn't cost the earth and can easily fit a 19" CRT monitor and all the other PC/etc stuff I habitually leave on it. That's to say, a depth of 85-100cm, and width over 120cm (just a basic shape will do). I'd prefer real wood, say pine, but would settle for pine effect. Not keen on anything with wheels...

Are there places on the net that sell decentish stuff or would I be better off hunting for something secondhand? I'm not sure about my budget but would think about spending the necessary outlay if it was something I really wanted though I'd prefer to get something under 200 quid. Be grateful for some links...


  Peter T 15:45 17 Oct 2005

Not sure if it's the type of thing you're looking for, but Viking (click here) do a basic desk in their "Advantage" range of office furniture: dimensions (mm) 120W x 800D x 437H, at about £61 (plus VAT).
It's not solid wood, it's 22mm beech-effect melamine. (You can ask for a sample to see what it's like!)

I've had a couple of pieces of "home office" furniture from viking, and they've been OK; not fantastic quality, but good value for money.

  DieSse 15:54 17 Oct 2005

Staples click here

  sunny staines 16:08 17 Oct 2005

as diess says staples are good

  wee eddie 16:24 17 Oct 2005

Their service is ace.

PCW tend toward the domestic desk. You could try the local rag.

for the links - just what I needed. I hazily recalled the Viking one but omitted the hyphen and ended up with something quite different instead!

For anyone else interested in desks, who happens on this thread in the future, one useful link I did hit upon is this one - click here.

  TonyV 20:09 17 Oct 2005

Despite everything that is said about them, IKEA have a good selection of Desks, from the very cheap and nasty to the 'Gor Blimey! sort, all at very reasonable prices. Fine if you happen to live with in spitting distance of them!!


  DerekR 00:18 18 Oct 2005

try this one: click here

  jack 08:56 18 Oct 2005

All the suggestions are fine.
But if pennies count and you want a sustantial item rather than the partical board nasties of the DIY/stationery chains then look around your area for a USED office furniture merchant
We have several in this area with masses of good desks of all types and chairs at silly silly prices.
and they will very often deliver-'Around here' is J1bM25 area- but around you too I dare say

  Diodorus Siculus 09:26 18 Oct 2005

I'd second Jack; some good offers in the secondhand market.

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