Purchasing or having multi vehicle insurance.

  spuds 11:36 29 Dec 2014

There have been a number of comments made recently on this forum about some member's having vehicle insurance problems, mainly due to hidden surprises after an event took place. Some good comments were returned by other member's in those previous articles.

So I am raising this question, in favour of further comments or possible suggestions. We have a number of vehicles, all with policy due dates at different times. This was more for convenience, using various insurance companies offering different deals on particular vehicles via on-line procedures.

We are now considering having multi-vehicle cover, and have looked at various options available on-line. It might well be the case of contacting the possible insurance company direct, before making the final purchase from on-line information, to cover ourselves more than anything.

Question that I would like to put to fellow member's: Do you have this type of insurance, if so, how have you faired with price, discounts, terms and conditions etc. Did it exceed your aims and expectations. If you haven't had or used multi-vehicle insurance, your comments would still be appreciated for further consideration.

  Belatucadrus 12:42 29 Dec 2014

Use LV insurance largely as they have good reviews and give good prices, the fact that we get additional multicar discount using the insurer we selected anyway is a pleasant bonus.

  spuds 12:56 29 Dec 2014

Belatucadrus - thanks for the reply.

We did look at LV and a number of other insurance companies that are now offering multi-vehicle insurance, some of which did not offer this type of insurance previously.

We also had a look at one website that gave the various opinions on this type of insurance, which led to more thought thinking, hence raising the question of other people's experiences.

Some of our vehicles are laying more idle than being used, and the possibility of all vehicles being on the road at the same time or even month is perhaps nil. Its more of a cost saving factor that we are considering.

  Forum Editor 13:08 29 Dec 2014

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  john bunyan 15:13 29 Dec 2014

We have two cars in my wife's name (I have temporarily , for medical reasons , had my licence suspended by the DVLA, but hope to get a restoration in December). One is an oldish but low mileage Honda Accord, the other, a new Mazda CX5. We now have them insured with Aviva on a "any driver over 25" comprehensive policy. This is very difficult to get nowadays but very convenient in our situation. I think only available to historic clients

  spuds 09:48 30 Dec 2014

Having now got the gist of this, I think that it is now the case of waiting for two renewals that are due at the end of January 2015. One particular company that did us well for 2014,on one of the vehicles, now offers multi-car insurance, so on receipt of their renewal offer, I may approach them regarding cover for the vehicles we have.

Thanks everyone who contributed to this thread. I will tick now, but anyone wishing to add further comments of advice, then please do so.

  HondaMan 10:48 30 Dec 2014

I have two cars, both in my name on one policy and another, again in my name, on a separate policy. All policies are with Aviva. Similarly to john bunyan, my licence was revoked by DVLA on medical grounds, but I appealed successfully and got it back. There was no additional penalty because of this.

I found Aviva to have been most helpful in this matter, unlike the AA and another well-known company who put every obstacle possible in my way

  HondaMan 10:52 30 Dec 2014


"I may approach them regarding cover for the vehicles we have" by waiting, you may put yourself under unnecessary pressure, that renewal date gets ever closer! Speak to them now, or better yet, get an online quote and see what they have to offer. You could always use of of the comparison sites, gocompare for instance

  spuds 11:01 30 Dec 2014


I think that you have made a valid point about medical health problems, and the DVLA plus insurance companies.

I have a few medical problems, which according to DVLA are 'not notifiable', but wanting to be safe and sure, I have always told the insurance companies. I found it very strange how some insurance companies understand this, or at least the person you speak to, don't understand, because it perhaps not on their screen. On at least two occasions, the insurance company involved, have added my comments or 'health problems' to a policy (as an after thought), possibly as a safety precaution for their own future benefit and that of myself.

  spuds 11:08 30 Dec 2014

Hondaman - Already considered that, and have taken your comment into further thought. Will look into it more, and certainly when everyone as returned back to full time work after January 2nd.

  bumpkin 17:17 30 Dec 2014

Deal with the insurance company directly is my advice, if you use an intermediary or price comparison site (Same thing) and something goes wrong the buck will be passed back and forth between the two with you in the middle trying to get answers. This is based on personal experience.

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