purchasing a new p.c.

  wut 19:42 23 Nov 2003

I am thinking about purchasing the following package from p.c. world. please could you give me some advice as there are so many facts and figures.
Hewlett packard amd athlon xp 2400+ pc &15inch imaging package with key features
dvd & dvd rw drives
128mb ati radeon drives
hp dj5650 colour inkjet printer
fuji a403 4m pixel digital camera
512mb ram, 80gb hard drive
digital imaging media suite software
windows xp operating system
1 year free warranty

your thoughts on the above would be appreciated as i am no wizard!

  bremner 19:44 23 Nov 2003

Obvious question....How much?

  CodeMeister 20:10 23 Nov 2003

The first question that you need to ask yourself and answer for us in order to help and advise you is "what do you want the PC for ?"

If you only require a PC for web surfing, E-Mail and word processing etc then a very cheap one would do. If you require one for graphically intensive work, programming or serious number crunching, then you'll need something a bit more powerful.

Bear in mind that there are several different DVD formats currently competing to be the standard.

It may sound like your getting a lot in this package with all of these different peripherals but digital cameras and printers etc that are bundled with PCs are often cheaper models so try to find a review on the internet for each item.

I have just bought a new computer last week from Dell and am highly delighted with it.

One thing that concerned me about modern PCs when I bought mine was noise levels as the newer processors (especially the AMD Athlon's) generate a lot of heat which requires more or bigger fans to cool them down.

I don't know whether you are getting a TFT/LCD screen with this package but if you are, you should be looking for one with a 16ms response time as the older ones had 25 or 30ms response times which can cause blurring on DVDs etc.

If your not a wizard with computers, you may want to ask what provision they give for technical support telephone lines and how much they cost per minute.

  wut 20:35 23 Nov 2003

thanks bremner 1099:99

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