Purchase of Mesh Elite Storm HD

  User-CC0C185F-DFA7-425C-A792BF574B42814D 13:16 03 Jul 2008

About 3 weeks ago I ordered a PC (Mesh Elite Storm HD) from Meshcomputers following a review of this product in PC Advisor magazine.

This review was posted on the meshcomputers website and was heralded as an award winner (it was given best buy status in the magazine). There is a direct link from the review to the order page for the product on their website. In the review it detailed that the display screen was an Liyama PLE2403WS-B1 and that one of the main things that set it apart from the competition was its Pioneer Blu-ray drive.

The PC was delivered this week with a completely different dispay screen from a company called Edge 10 (which I have never heard of) and the blu-ray drive was from LG and not Pioneer.

I immediately sent an email to Mesh requesting that they either:

Replace the items with those detailed in the review; or
Make arrangements to collect the PC and refund my money

Mesh have since said that the LG drive is equivalent to the Pioneer but they would replace the screen.

I have to say that I have found Mesh's customer service appalling and I am not to impressed with specifications being changed without informing customers.

  red1977 13:52 03 Jul 2008

I am glad to read this, I was going to order one of these. Looks like Arbico or Chillblast instead.

  bnorth 16:13 03 Jul 2008

sorry to hear of your Mesh woes, torchydl
have Mesh improved since being on BBC Watchdog ?

re reviews
PC Advisor say they do not take into account at all the reputation of the PC company. They say this is general to PC mag reviews and that it is unavoidable
"As I've said before, we (and other magazines) review computers, not companies. We test the hardware that is submitted to us, and we write reviews based on the results of those tests - it's the only way to do it."
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  spuds 17:48 03 Jul 2008

At the time of sale you must have decided on actual specifications of the computer that you wanted and paid for. If the specifications were changed without your agreement or knowledge, then you may have a comeback within consumer and UK law. If you had notified Mesh under the terms of the Distance Selling Regulations, then you have a right for a refund.

Regarding the matter about the LG drive is equivalent to a Pioneer, is something that you will have to investigate further. Sometimes certain parts are sourced from one manufacturer, then re-badged.

What makes you say that you "found Mesh's customer service appalling".

  Forum Editor 17:59 03 Jul 2008

when you say "I have to say that I have found Mesh's customer service appalling", at least you are if you're basing your opinion on the in formation you've given here.

If you ordered a computer on the understanding it would be as described in a magazine review, and you specifically stated that was the machine you wanted, then you have a right to expect the display and drive that was reviewed. That doesn't mean the substituted items were inferior, it simply means you can ask for the components mentioned in the online description - and you've done that. Mesh has responded by saying that they'll replace the screen, and that the LG drive is equivalent to the Pioneer.

I can't comment on the LG drive because I haven't used one, but I assume the substitution was the result of supply difficulties with the Pioneer.

You're entitled to be midly irritated, but to say you're appalled with the customer service seems to me to be a tad over the top.

  Forum Editor 22:19 03 Jul 2008

to explain that he/she has emailed me to say that the comments about customer service were because Mesh didn't initially respond to emails, and when they did it was an 'out of office' autoresponse which said that a reply would take about two days.

In addition, torchydl says that a request for the name of a director was ignored.

  MESH Support 09:27 04 Jul 2008

Hi FE,

I'm still not sure that a 2 day delay between the email being sent to our sales department and our responding here in support warrants a claim of appalling service.

The simple fact was that on the order raised the monitor was set as generic. We realised this mistake after discussing the problem with torchydl and without further delay agreed the correct reaction would be for us to replace the monitor without delay.

I suspect there will be further upset to be posted as certain demands (and I do not use this word lightly) have been made that we will regrettably not be able to meet.


  Forum Editor 13:47 04 Jul 2008

Thanks for responding, and for clearing up the monitor issue. I think we'll leave you to take it from here with your customer.

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