proview 17tft monitor any good?

  mt50 22:54 24 Jan 2003

hi im looking for a mew monitor for around £300 and found this click here
is it any good?

  Taebek 23:20 24 Jan 2003

I got one a couple of weeks ago when my 17 inch CRT monitor went bang, they seem to be ok, nice picture, pretty good contrast, the speakers are a bit "cheesy" though, apart from that not bad at all but if you have a tv out card they dont seem to like displaying in PAL mode, NTSC mode in tv out seems to work though

  topdraw 14:23 25 Jan 2003

If you are looking for a high quality monitor, for this kind of money you can buy a 17 or 19 inch from Mitsubishi. Their service & backup is second to none, (have had personal experience of this) also read PC advisor's recommendations.

  spuds 18:30 25 Jan 2003

If you have £300 for a monitor, then I would suggest looking at more higher grade products.Why not try CTX.

  keith 19:39 25 Jan 2003

LM720A 17 inch TFT is getting good reviews in at least 2 mags in the news agents now.

£269 including VAT

  Pc.2 23:40 26 Jan 2003

Hi there. I went for the deal with Pcworld, £297 for the Proview 17", ten days ago. Got it home and found that the bottom half of the screen was 5x brighter than the top, I called Proview and they told me that they have had a Batch problem with both the 15" & 17" models. I returned it to Pcworld with Proviews message and we went through another 7 screens in their work area, all were batch OCTOBER 2002. Problems included Bright area to screen either Top or Bottom, Dark Pixel, so check by changing desktop to Yellow, Missing Pixel, so check by changing desktop to a Dark colour(you will not miss it, it's like a mini laser beam), the next day we started again. They had a delivery that evening and the first one out the box was perfect, batch NOVEMBER 2002. I have now had it for 10 days and it is a lovely screen. But, it is up to you, everybody here can only give you an account of their own personal experience and at the end of the day it is your decision, I made mine, stuck to it, and am quite happy. Best of luck.


  Djohn 23:52 26 Jan 2003

Pc.2, couple of good points there.

1, Proview admitted a batch problem.

2 PC World where it seems, where quite happy to change your monitor without any hassle.

  zzzgordon 22:15 27 Jan 2003

what warranty is offered on the proview ?

are dead pixels covered my manufacturers warranty

  spuds 00:13 28 Jan 2003

Check the warranty, if purchased via PCW.Some salespeople state 1 year others state 3 years.But we can sell you an extended warranty!!.

  Spook Tooth 01:00 28 Jan 2003

I had the 15" Proview (BM568) monitor as was impressed with the picture quality. Don't know the support details, but they like others, perform a swap out service in case of failure. Avoid paying the extra for warranty if you decide to go for it.

You may be interested also to learn, that like the CTX offerings (100 day pixel guarantee), Taxan are also doing sub £300 quality 17" TFT monitors over at Taxan have won quite a few past awards, and have featured well in PCA consumer charts.

Check out whatever technical specifications there are to hand, and ensure it performs to whatever the particular purpose(s) you have for it. Eg, gaming - then go for quick response times/<25ms would be great but 40ms or below then that's okay. (The Taxan mentioned has a very good response time as well as decent brightness and contrast ratio.)

  Spook Tooth 01:01 28 Jan 2003

Sorry -

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