Proposed new system, what do you think?

  Joseph Kerr 19:16 19 Jan 2010

I decided it was about time, having (accidentally, as it goes) avoided vista, to get a new machine, as things have progressed somewhat in the last 3.5-ish years, and Win7 seems well regarded.

I'd like to lower the cost (£997 with VAT) a bit if i can. The monitor will be changed as i did specify i cant have one bigger than 19", and i almost certainly wont be getting the speakers.

Speaking of speakers, the PC will be my main hifi source for now and the mobo has the optical connection my speakers need.

Would i have to spend much more by going 64 bit? Would the increase in memory (if i put more than 4 gig in) really help?

Apart from music listening i only do web browsing, emails etc. No photo work or games at all. The most i would do is save a photo to the hdd.

Oh, I'll probably get a much smaller hdd as ill never fill 1TB.

Intel Processor Core I7-920 2.66GHz
Motherboard ASUSTEK P6T SE S1366 X58
Case Evo Labs 600W PSU +12CM
Case Compucase 6C28 4 Bay Sil/Blk 3
Memory 4GB DDR3 (2 x 2GB)
Memory Internal 3.5 card reader XD
Floppy Drive *** No floppy drive ***
Hard Drive 1.0 TB Serial-ATA
Video Card PALIT 1GB GeF 9500GT
Keyboard Black keyboard PS2
Pointer Black Wheel Mouse & Mat PS2
OS Software Windows 7 Home Premium OEM
CD Rom Drive 22x DVD±R/RW Black SATA
Sound Card AC97 7.1 Onboard
Speaker Logitech Speakers 2.1 bla
Modem *** No dial-up modem ***
Monitor 22" TFT Silver/Black 1680x1050
Printer No Printer
Networking Onboard Gigabit

  AL47 19:24 19 Jan 2010

very similar to my own personal build costing about 970

same processor
same motherboard
850W corsair CPU
6GB 1600MHz patriot viper RAM
much better ATI Radeon 5850 1GB [but no games for you so doesnt matter]

no monitor

but you do not need to spend even half tht for what you want.. you will want a dedicated PCI sound card tho!

  GaT7 19:30 19 Jan 2010

"Apart from music listening i only do web browsing, emails etc. No photo work or games at all. The most i would do is save a photo to the hdd."

The spec you've chosen is FAR greater than what you need for those activities. A system costing half as much (or even less) will do nicely. G

  Joseph Kerr 19:36 19 Jan 2010

Funny you should say that. Opinion seems divided on the sound card. The speakers i have are click here (I'm a fan of the speakers, but the company and certain associatesd can be quite controversial).

They have an inbuilt DAC, so one very important element of the audio processing is taken off-board, as it were. Some have said to still get a deicated pci card (in which case my mobo may be over-specced) but others have said any optical connection will do, just to get the sound to the DAC in the speakers.

I will investigate going pc > external soundcard > DAC (in speakers) soon too, but im not sure that would yield much improvement.

The rational behind the slightly OTT graphics card is that i wanted the best conection for the monitor (just because i spend a lot of time looking at it), and would like the ability to hook the pc up to the TV, and maybe use media centre that way.

You didnt ask, just thought it was worth mentioning.

  MAT ALAN 20:22 19 Jan 2010

The 9500GT series is probably the worst ever, it is considered a Donkey of a card...

  Joseph Kerr 20:28 19 Jan 2010

Why's that Mat? Is that gamers who thinnk its a donkey?

  GaT7 20:37 19 Jan 2010

The 9500GT will be absolutely fine for your usage & the one of the components that's not overkill in your spec.

Will you be doing your own build, or getting the PC made for you?

I would change the PSU if possible to a good quality, branded one. G

  Joseph Kerr 20:40 19 Jan 2010

it will be made for me. Partly for mobility reasons, and partly becasue im rubbish with these things.

  MAT ALAN 20:51 19 Jan 2010

Tis really but i dont see the point in buying what is considered a lowly sorta card when you could buy better for the same money.
regardless of whether you play games or not i would still consider display factors.

Crossbow7 is indeed right if you do choose this card it probably will stand the test of time considering what you wish to do with your PC.

my statement is only my opinion and i wish you well with your chosen set up, can be a bit of a nightmare when it comes to chosing the right components...

  Joseph Kerr 21:08 19 Jan 2010

especially as i know nothing about "display factors" lol! Ive always just had on board graphics before but wanted the connections.

Thanks for the contributions.

  GaT7 21:17 19 Jan 2010

I think what MAT meant is that you can go for a better ATI-based card for the some money?

If not MAT, what card were you thinking of that was better for the same money? G

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