Projector required

  Diodorus Siculus 15:01 01 Mar 2008

Hi all,

we need a projector for use in a fairly large hall; it will hopefully be able to run from my eeePC click here or failing that, from my XP Home laptop.

It will be used to display images onto a projector screen (which we also need) and the occasional dvd.

Any suggestions about what we should look for - brands / specifcations etc?

Cheers, Dio

  jack 17:16 01 Mar 2008

have a good selection
Optoma is a well regarded make and 2 models come with build in DVD player- They both have built in audio though not much cop for a hall - [one was offered with a plug in adios system some time ago] Otherwise you will need one for Hall use if sound is wanted.
Epson is pretty good
You will need 2000 Lumens or more for hall use.
Do not get hung up on 'Special Digital' Screens
Like the ubiquitous 'Organic' in Supermarkets the Digital label is a simple a way of extracting more money.
Look for a suitable sized one in Charity/Secondhand stores.

  Woolwell 17:55 01 Mar 2008

How many lumens you will require will also depend on the ambient light level of the hall. You may well want to consider a 3000 lumens projector.

  PA28 23:16 01 Mar 2008

These guys are very helpful. I have just installed a home cinema projector using their advice - they cater for all sizes and prices and are very helpful click here

  DieSse 23:26 01 Mar 2008

I recently (about 5 weeks ago) purchased an OPTOMA DS309 (DLP technology), for use at our local computer club (run in a cafe, not a hall.

It works very well indeed, and only cost €398 including a free wall mount screen, and delivery (in Spain, so you'll have to check for local deals).

It will run up to 1024x768 resolution, and has various inputs, including DVI, VGS, svideo and co-ax aerial.

The remote control also usefully incorporates a laser pointer.

Always remember with a projector, the larger the image, the dimmer the image. We project to a size of around 1.5m wide, and can run that in all but bright sunlight.

To make a standard computer display readable enough for an audience of 20-25 we actually run it at 800x600.

  PA28 11:15 02 Mar 2008

I second Optoma. Excellent value for money. My chosen projector was a HD700X, but do watch the length of the throw as this one would not be suitable for a hall. You will need a very long throw I would guess, and this'll knock out most of the budget models. Zoom range on these projectors is very limited (compared to, say, the old film projectors which mostly had a very wide range).

  Diodorus Siculus 13:29 02 Mar 2008

Thanks for the suggestions; I'll take a look at the OPTOMA and see what we can get. Seems to be some good reviews on the net about them.

Thanks all. Dio

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