Programs that load automatically on Startup

  Estel 11:41 19 Oct 2003

My computer loads quite a number of programs on Startup, most of which I don't want, some of which I have no memory of ever asking for.

If I press Cntrl/Alt/Delete once I get a dialogue box listing what I presume is all the programs currently running. However the names of some of them are not very transparent. How do I track down which one are essential (like Systray) and which are redundant?

Is there a way of finding a list of programs scheduled to load on Startup and amending it? My Windows manual (I run Win98SE) suggests going to Start/Settings/Taskbar and Start Menu/Start Menu Programs but that lists all the programs on my hard drive.

  Estel 11:43 19 Oct 2003

Sorry, posted this in the wrong forum. It was meant for Helpdesk. I'll end it here and repost


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