Product Testing ????

  amonra 13:48 23 May 2005

Some people go to extremes !click here

  TomJerry 14:51 23 May 2005

before I read this

  wiz-king 16:41 23 May 2005

spikeychris click here its a sore subject at the moment.

  spuds 17:15 23 May 2005

Now that is what I call quality control and product reliability testing.

Brings back old memories. Many years ago, we use to test rescue and safety equipment to destruction, and climbing rope was often on the agenda.Nothing like having a 17 stone 6'4" chap, bouncing about with the rope secured to him, and you are dissecting the cores of the ropes, strand by strand until the final safety point is reached. Not scientific by any means, but it proved to be a worthy talking episode on how a simple looking item can be very robust.

  Pooke100 21:40 23 May 2005

An expensive waste of time. His conclusion was use protective cases! If he'd given me all the products as a reward (before breaking them) I could have advised him of that.

  terryr48 21:56 23 May 2005

I can vouch for lexar usb jump drives being washable, my son accidentely left his in his school trousers pocket(with his course work on),wife washed them in the washing machine.
it was left to dry out for 24hrs and lo & behold it worked. Result one very lucky & happy son

  Zero-Kool 22:38 23 May 2005

After testing Windows washer 6.0, I have found out the built-in files shredder DOES NOT WORK.

After setting it up to shred files 100 times each, to wash file slack space. And to add Bleach files. IT STILL DOES NOT WORK!

Using Search and Recover 2 i was able to recover ALL files including COOKIES, WEB HISTORY, CACHE. Yes all the files windows washer was meant to shred!

Webroot Quote:

"You can make your wash more secure by adding "bleach." The
overwrites each file that Window Washer deletes with random characters.
You cannot recover bleached files using an undelete or unerase program."

End Quote.

This is simply untrue. The Add Bleach option does not work which means it does not matter if you set the shredder to 10 or 100 shreds per file.

And you guest it, the same problem goes for WW 6.0'S deep cleaning option, as again it need to 'ADD BLEACH' option to work...


I recommed if you use this product, use another one at least till Webroot short this issue out.

Webroot are losing alot of peoples trust.

  Zero-Kool 22:41 23 May 2005

Sorry i copied Webroots Quote from the net and was not aware of the ebay link contained in it until i posted it.

It is harmless but still dont click on it!

  Forum Editor 00:15 24 May 2005

There's no link in your post Zero-Kool, but you have hijacked someone else's thread. It would have been much better to have started a thread of your own.

  Forum Editor 00:19 24 May 2005

you're referring to the green hyperlink that appears on the word 'program'. That's an advertiser's link, and our site puts it there automatically.

It's part of a scheme whereby advertisers can bid for certain keywords in our forum - when their word is used in a post the site creates the link.

Nothing to worry about, it's been happening for a long time, and it helps to keep us going.

  Sans le Sou 09:51 24 May 2005

Presumably PC World have a container load of protective cases they want to unload.

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