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  wotan 19:35 08 Nov 2007

Hi, several years ago I purchased a Pinnacle 8 video editing kit including hardware and soft ware. I was very pleased with the product.Six months ago my hard drive gave up the ghost and I had to replace it, no problem as I back up regularly and have discs for 90% of my programs.However, when I tried to load the Pinnacle program it would not accept the registration code of my legitimately purchased program as it was 'No longer supported' by the maker. I was forced to purchase an upgraded version.
I have since spoken to a person using the same manufacturer's equipment and software,but one model down on the new version I bought, who has come up against the same problem with his version.
Regardless of age, surely we should not be forced to replace hardware/software which is functioning perfectly well and has been legaly purchased. We are not asking for technical support or downloads, just the right to use something bought through legitimate suppliers.
It is this sort of attitude, shown by software producers, which makes people buy pirated software. If I am going to be forced to update, at my own expense, every couple of years then I will be looking for the cheapest supplier, legal or otherwise.

  MCE2K5 22:49 08 Nov 2007

If you have a Legit
Phone Pinnacle, Tell them the story.

Scratch that.

I have Version
The Serial Number is a series of numbers (10 of them), Either you have a Pirated S/N or typing it in wrong.

The serial is just Numbers and Not connected with any Hardware.

my Pc Broke Twice (Hard Drive & Mother Board),
My Serial Number Still WORKS.

  €dstowe 07:41 09 Nov 2007

I always copy downloaded programs to a CD for safe keeping. It doesn't matter then whether it is supported of not, you can load from your copy.

  wotan 12:44 10 Nov 2007

Hi, sorry about the delay in getting back. First of all thank you for the responses.
The software was supplied on a disc with the hardware. I e-mailed Pinnacle technical services and received the reply thay they no longer supported this version and could not help, other than suggesting I purchase a newer version.
As for incorrect entries, I entered the code half a dozen times, even using the numerical keys at the top of the keyboard instead of the numerical keypad. The results are the same, a message reading 'You have entered an invalid poduct code, please re-enter the code.' After this the program refuses to continue apart from the back button which takes me back to the code entry stage.
In my case, I gave up and purchased an updated program but it still appears to me that Pinnacle are 'forcing ' users to either purchase updates or switch to another software supplier .I will continue to use the updated version I purchased until I get a similar response for this. If that happens, I will not be using Pinnacle again. However not everyone is in a position to fork money out when they have a perfectly good program already available but cannot use it because they have had to re-load it.
I have noticed recently that there are second hand versions of several Studio programs for sale on e-bay, it may be worth paying for the most recent of the versions available rather than buying one which cannot be loaded because of this situation.
I will mark this string as resolved but if anyone else has a solution to this I would be happy to pass it on to my friend rather than see him paying out for a new program.

  Totally-braindead 12:53 10 Nov 2007

I don't understand this to be honest, if you install the program from scratch then the serial number should work. I can see no reason it wouldn't. I can only suggest that the serial number you are entering is wrong somehow or other. Perhaps a zero instead of the letter O or something like that or if you wrote it down its written down wrongly.
When Pinnacle say they don't support it it means just that. It does not mean the older version will not work.
I have programs dating back years that are no longer supported by their creators but they all still work if you install them with the relevant serial number.

  ajm 16:40 10 Nov 2007

I recently moved places and in the processes I misplaced the installation cd for QuickBooks SimpleStart 2004 and had the need to re-install it again. When I registered it, I was emailed the cd key and activation code.

I emailed Intuit explaining that I needed the 2004 version and I already have the relevant codes. Much to my surprise, I received an email from their support stating that they no longer have the 2004 version, instead they will be sending me the latest 2008 version. The lady went on to say that once I have received the disk, to inform her of the cd key and she will email me the activation code.

  superhoops 21:42 10 Nov 2007

About 6 years ago I bought a video editing program called Video Factory, loved it- it had a totally different and user friendly interface and way to fade, cut etc. However as well as having to enter the purchased serial numbers you had to activate it online by connecting to the software makers. When I had to reinstall the program it refused to activate saying that the program is no longer made by them and so basically tough luck. Had to throw the disc in the bin.

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