Product fault and not to invoice spec, advice plea

  Roy* 14:31 14 Dec 2004

Not going to mention who as I’m sure it could happen to any supplier, I just feel I’ve been a bit unlucky so far?

So my new PC has had a fault from day 1 (now day 10) which after various activities suggested by technical support is believed to be the graphics card. I have been advised to remove the graphics card and send back to manufacturers for testing. However I’ve now discovered when opening the side of the case that it is not the case that I had ordered (paid more for) and detailed in the invoice.

OK the case may not be the most important thing and even though I’ve been pre-occupied by the other problems I should have noticed earlier but I choose the more expensive option to give me greater future flexibility in terms of adding cards etc.

So I’m looking for advice here, what should I do? If it was my company and this happened to one of my customers I would prepare a machine to the correct spec, test it, send an Engineer with the new PC to install it and collect the initial box. Provide a letter of apology with some company vouchers to buy any future upgrades etc as a form of compensation for all the inconvenience. However, I get the impression that this sort of thing doesn’t tend to happen in the world of PC sales and customer support.

I have informed customer support of my concerns but currently waiting a response, just thought I’d ask if anyone could give me some guidance on what would be reasonable outcome under the circumstances.

  TomJerry 14:35 14 Dec 2004

post and fax, make clear the machine is not what you ordered and tell them what you want them to do. If no response, keep sending emails to remind them you need PC for work.

  spuds 15:02 14 Dec 2004

If the computer is not what you ordered and paid for, then you have consumer law in your favour, and the company that you purchased the computer from must correct the problem to your satisfaction. Normally the Distance Selling regulations imply that you have 7 days [if purchased via internet-phone or fax], but other consumer laws cover for a much longer period.Here is a usefull link Trading Standards click here

  Roy* 11:36 15 Dec 2004

Have done all you said, emails to all departments, faxed and posted letter to named General Manager. Also phoned and actually spoke to someone who said a supervisor would call back but obviously never did. I have also got my credit card company to instigate an investigation.

Sad fact with all this is that the customer has all the hassle and the manufacturer has your money.

  Roy* 16:19 22 Dec 2004

Old PC collect last week replacement due for delivery tomorrow. So seems that the faxes, email and letters did the trick.

  Forum Editor 19:52 22 Dec 2004

in sight Roy* but I wonder if you could tell us which company is involved. To be honest your thread isn't of much help to other forum users if they don't know the full facts, and although we're here to help you we're also here to help others. Your thread will enter our archive, which is searchable by all forum members, and a company name will help enormously.

  Roy* 21:22 22 Dec 2004

I guessed from my previous threads it was obvious but I didn't think about thread searching on company names, sorry. I also didn't want to mention the name as I felt this type of issue was would be common to similar concerns with other companies as I'm sure it's not unique to one.

Anyway this one was Mesh who seem to continue to have graphic card problems based on other posts. However what I'm not sure of is whether that is a very small % of the overall sales?

I've had a couple of letters from Mesh apologising and so following the phone call I received today confirming replacement had been dispatched I wrote a letter of thanks to the staff for recovering a bad experience. Probably a bit premature as I don't know yet if the new one’s going to get here or work OK, but it’s got to hasn’t it?

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