product cover insurance

  jack 14:21 08 Dec 2007

This topic has been much discussed, and I think I am right in saying that the cost of these things for a pricey item against the likely hood of a failure, makes it a pretty poor buy.
This morning switching on the Jug Kettle for the wake me up brew- and zip - it died.-
Told the administrator- Where upon she took out the file and said - 'Oh yes from Argos December 20th 2006 and this time I did pay the insurance.'
So we are covered and covered - warranty and 3 year insurance.
The current Argos Catalogue does not carry that particular model- So now we are wondering- failed within warranty period [As most kettles can these days]and insured for 3 years
So I reckon replace under warranty and -the insurance stays in tact for another full period ----yes?
What do you reckon

Meanwhile our 30year old big chrome Russel Hobbs- many times repaired comes out of retirement.

  spuds 15:57 08 Dec 2007

Argos will provide a similar 'or better than' replacement, if you purchased the Argos warranty.Not sure about a refund though!.

  jack 16:40 08 Dec 2007

Thanx spuds
What I in my muddled way am trying to say.
As the item failed during the statute Warranty- that is if no insurance had been taken it would still have to have been replaced.
This being so the 'cover' has not been invoked - so we we get the full three years again?

  spuds 16:59 08 Dec 2007

I very much doubt it, even if you went direct to the manufacturer for a possible replacement, Argos would know. But with a new product, you will at least have a 12 month manufacturers warranty, which Argos would/should honour under consumer law perhaps.

I find Argos very helpful in the customer relations side, ask/email them and see.

  mobileman1953 17:05 08 Dec 2007

i once returned faulty scanner to argos within guarantee period of first year , i was given a full cash refund including extra 3 years insurance premium i had paid , but i dont know if that is the policy for all argos shops

  Forum Editor 17:34 08 Dec 2007

an insurance policy is a contract document - you contract with the insurer to pay the premiums, and the insurer contracts to compensate you with a new kettle if the insurance cover is invoked. The kettle you insured will cease to exist when you get your replacement, so that policy expires, unless you and the insurer agree otherwise.

I think you'll need to enter into a new insurance agreement, and the new kettle will come with a full manufacturer's warranty.

  jack 11:01 09 Dec 2007

Look like you are right Ed.
The Administrator dug out the Doc's [Bill ans Policy] to include with the Kettle - now repacked in the original packing- We keep the packing of such items under the stair until the year is up.-
Without going into fine detail - the policy includes in itself the initial manufacturers warranty
Thus with a three year policy[this one] you actually pay for two years.
Any ways to morrow on the way home from my gym session I will descend on Argos - assuming that is the 'administrator' has made up her mind which replacement kettle to go for -based entirely on colour- as usual [ As in what sort of car would you like dear- 'not a silver one' she would say]


  pj123 13:11 09 Dec 2007

I never take out Store warranty's.

All my stuff is insured direct with Domestic and General. You pay the premium for whatever term insurance you want but it does not take effect until the Manufacturer's Guarantee has expired.

  Arnie 00:35 10 Dec 2007

"The kettle you insured will cease to exist when you get your replacement, so that policy expires, unless you and the insurer agree otherwise."

The FE is generally correct, however, compare these two insurance deals.

Allianz Cornhill Insurance plc.

Item purchased 26th July 2006; Cookworks electric kettle.
For electrical items costing less than £150, their insurance explains:

Under other conditions; section 3.
Subsection; 3.4 this insurance is limited to one replacement product, or settlement via Argos vouchers, after which the insurance will cease.

DSG Retail Insurance.

Whatever happens breakdown cover.

Item purchased 10th August 2006; Bush TV model 1485TSIL.
For electrical items costing less than £130, their insurance explains:

We’ll swap it. We’ll give you a brand new product on the spot.
No limits. You can have as many new products as you need, during the three years of your agreement.
No charge if no fault is found, or the fault is due to user error.
Worldwide protection.

With like for like items The DSG group offer far better insurance value.
BTW. The TV two years extended insurance cost me £10 for a £50 TV.

Unless Argos have changed their insurance terms on these similarly priced items, remember it’s one change and that’s it!

In the past I would have repaired all my electronic items myself. Today there is virtually no access to spares for most cheap items sold today. It’s a throwaway world.

The Currys’ salesman told me his company would not consider repairing my TV because of its small value. He went on to explain. “If it breaks down pop it in and we will exchange it. If the product is no longer available, choose another set and just pay the difference if any".

  laurie53 08:17 10 Dec 2007

Never use in-store insurance myself, so don't have personal experiences like those above, but most consumer advice organisations advise against it.

They say the premium payable will go a long way towards a new item.

  v1asco 10:29 10 Dec 2007

as they were still in warranty Argos replaced them and the insurance was not taken into account. It still applies to the replaced set.

They did replace with the same model however.

The only snag about using warranty is that as it is nearly up they may want to send it away for a health check before replacing.

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