petite 11:53 29 Jun 2006

Can anyone give some advice about what are the best values of rmoney processors fors desktops and laptops. My laptop is about to die after only three years and has been to service at least 4 times in those years. I haven't make up my mind as to what to buy. I have to at the desktops and the best prices are the AMD sempron processors, as oppossed, I suppose to Pentium M or 4.
Does anyone has a pice of advide as what it is best to buy?

  neil79 12:14 29 Jun 2006

In my view at the moment i would buy AMD Athlon 64, however 64 bit Semprons are very good value for money. Don't know why but i just prefer them to Intel, AMD seem to me to be better value for money click here has a decent selection and the prices seem to be fairly good.

  petite 12:51 29 Jun 2006

Thanks Neil79. I was wondering, and maybe is a silly question, but how the processors's performance would be affceted by the maker. Example, does ir make a difference buying AMDathlon64 from ACER or HP or another, given that they have the same ram and capacity?

  neil79 13:11 29 Jun 2006

yes it basically would affect it. It all depends on the quality (manufacturer) of the parts (RAM/Motherboard) that go with it ie. the higher quality parts the more likely the processor will run to its potential. Hence people like Evesham and others may cost a little bit more in price but you are getting the BMW of parts rather than the Lada.

  DrScott 13:51 29 Jun 2006

for the time being are probably best value, except for dual core technology. The Athlon 64s (single core) are falling in price, so if you need to buy soon I'd go for that. Furthermore, you can upgrade to a socket 939 dual core CPU when their prices fall over the next year.

Intel are releasing a new set of CPUs in the next two months called Conroe, which so far look like they'll blow away anything AMD can offer. Watch this space!

  petite 16:46 01 Jul 2006

Many thanks for posts. I am not a very experienced buyer of laptops or computers, and only now that I need to replace my current I think of these things. I didn't even now that Eversham was so good. I was thinking at first of HP (my current laptop is Deel and I am very happy about it) But now I will look at Eversham and compare. Many thanks to your replies.

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