Processor or Graphics Card?

  Clueless4 16:15 25 Dec 2014

Hi. Happy Christmas :D

I would be grateful for any help, anyone could offer me, thanks :)

When using Netflix, or BT Sports online streams I am nearly always surfing other websites in a separate window. Which can often bring my PC to a grinding halt, its a 64bit, AMD ATHLON 2 Dual Core M300 - 2GHZ, with 3GB RAM. Running Windows 7.

When watching Netflix I usually open another window, to check emails etc.

I also often follow the football in one window and have a separate window open following the betting markets. Due to frequent problems with the online betting sites I often use a screen recorder called CamStudio to record the betting page as Im placing bets.

I also do a little music writing through the PC and create -very amateur! -music videos, using screen recordings made with CamStudio, which I then edit and merge with other recordings made in the same way. (I know there is professional stuff out there, but its not a serious thing, so I just use this free bit of software I found online).

Im not at all sure if its a processor thats doing most of these types of jobs, or a graphics card, so Im not sure where to put most of my money when buying a new PC ?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks again :)

  Clueless4 16:17 25 Dec 2014

Meant to add that at the moment any HD streams knock my laptop haywire and this is something else I would like to be able to do on my new PC.

  Clueless4 16:46 17 Mar 2015

Bump :(

  wee eddie 21:08 17 Mar 2015

I wish I could multitask like that!

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