Problems when try to connect to three wireless

  Fayfrantic 14:00 24 Aug 2008

I am having problems connecting to three with my dongle at home but can at work. This has just started to happen. Can anyone help as trying to get through to three is expensive and slow. I have a Lenovo 3000 N200 and it has been great but then it slowed down at the same time as problem with three started. I have defragmented and uninstalled Mozilla 3 as I was advised that 2 was better. Computer is fast now but still can't connect at home.

Many Thanks

  jack 14:31 24 Aug 2008

Spell this out a little more succinctly Fayrantic

Computers/ bread makers spell it out huh!

  Fayfrantic 14:44 24 Aug 2008

Sorry.... Three wireless broadband, only need dongle to connect to the internet,...but it won't at my house now..It comes up with connection failed and error 678. When I phoned the auto tech response message was useless.

Hope I have spelt it out enough.


  jack 18:00 24 Aug 2008

So you have this Lenvo 3000 N200 with a wireless dongle. OK so that sentds out wireless signal.

What do the other devices have?
They either have to be built in wireless enabled or a dongle each.
What are the other devices your are trying to reach?

  tullie 19:35 24 Aug 2008

Maybe i havent read this right,but all he is trying t do is connect with his 3 mobile dongle?

  jack 19:53 24 Aug 2008

You may well be right
Moblie three =Phones he means does he?
Not very clear is it.
Not that I know anything about phones
I've got one in the car- I switch it on occasionally just to make sure it still is on system.
And as for Texting -no way - cant see the screen for starters ;-}

  tullie 19:59 24 Aug 2008

It seems clear that he is trying to connect with his dongle,he dident mention a phone.

  peter99co 20:29 24 Aug 2008

I sent an email to '3' and they rang me and sorted my connection problem. I just filled in the contact form on the website and they rang my contact number (home phone) Very helpful

  peter99co 20:33 24 Aug 2008

The 3 dongle is a usb mobile broadband device that uses a mobile phone card to connect. Very versatile device. Has to have a good signal as with a standard mobile phone.

  jack 08:14 25 Aug 2008

Thanx for the info - all mud to me
As Fay frantic has yet to come back we are all still in the dark

  Fayfrantic 09:39 25 Aug 2008

I am a she and I thought it was clear I am trying to connect to three wireless broadband using the dongle that I recieved when I joined Three wireless broadband. I can't connect at home but can at work. So it seems to me that it must mean that my reception at home has become none existing. I keep getting two different error codes 678 and 619. I have gone into network connections and enabled disabled uninsatalled re installed but it won't have it. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks Fayfrantic

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