Problems With Warranty Support Company

  reiki2 23:40 19 Nov 2005

Just read an article in Jan issue 126 praising a company called Myhelpline.LTD.

This has prompted me to write the following post about a company who are the complete opposite. The company in question is Repair Line Ltd, Castleford, Yorks./

I purchased a Multivision computer and took delivery the end of Dec 03, they went bust Jan 06 that was my five year warranty up the spout. Still I did get my system.

In May the company Repair Line contacted me stating they had been appointed official repair agents and offered me a 2 year onsite warranty for £116. I paid for this service on the 14 June 04

I reported I fault the begining of Dec 04 which the forgot to log on there system after quite a few calls the fault was logged and nearly 3 weeks later a Technician came out and made the repair, Not very impressive.

It gets worse a lot worse, in the begining of September my system went down again, so I called them and they said they would be in touch, which did'nt happen so after approx 4 days I called them again...oops I was told my problem had not be logged on there system, however the would log my problem and they would be in touch. Yes you guess it,they did'nt. So more calls and more promises of a engineer/technician getting in touch which did not happen either.

End of Sept a Technician came out and replaced the power supply box, but the computer still would'nt work, he say says its the motherboard and will have to come back when he as the motherboard.

On the 19th Oct(approx19 days later) after many more phone calls to them, he returned with a much cheaper board and said they had sent him the wrong one, he would return when he had the right one.

It is now 19 Nov and still no repair and after many more phone calls and promises to get back to me I am still waiting.

So after approx 3 months, my computer as still not been repaired.

Can any one give me advice on what I should do next.

Cheers Malc

  reiki2 23:58 19 Nov 2005

Hi This company also do contract work for Mesh and Medion...I guess I wont be buying one of those
Cheers malc

  spuds 11:07 20 Nov 2005

Write or email them a short but polite letter, stating that you consider their service doe's not meet the terms of The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 [as amended].You want your computer repaired to a satisfactory and usable condition.I would also point out, that you regard the delays caused by them, have shortened your contract time, and would they be prepared to give allowances for an extention on a free basis.

You could seek further advice from these links click here click here click here

  reiki2 12:03 20 Nov 2005

Thanks for replying and for the advice, I will do as you say. They really do need a wake up call call. THe funny thing is I purchased the Multivision because of the 5 year warranty having had similar problems with the Mesh support. So imagine my suprise to find out this company does warranty work for Mesh.

Also my feeling is that Magazines like this one should do a article about computer warranty support companies. To help as a guide when buying a new system based on the reviews we all read.

To finish on a more positive note...I have a ACI laptop which I purchased 3 years ago...there support is second to none, they are great

Cheers Malc

  oresome 12:23 20 Nov 2005

I wonder if they don't log calls first time round in the hope you'll fix it yourself? After you've badgered them several times they become convinced you must have a fault, it's not going to go away of it's own accord and they'll have to send an engineer.

  reiki2 12:32 20 Nov 2005

Well Im not sure what there motive is.

They do answer your call within 30 secs(0871 No) you then get a receptionist who will tell you the relavent people (engineer, manager, parts) are not available, they will take your message and some one will call you back.... and of course thay never do... hence 3 months down the line and no repair

Cheers Malc

  spuds 16:40 20 Nov 2005

Adding to my previous post, there could have been a more positive way forward, if you have paid by credit card. On the initial purchase of the computer with the five year warranty or the second purchase of the Repair Line warranty, did you pay part or all using a credit card or computer finance agreement. If so, you may have a possible claim against the finance provider under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 [as amended]. This would leave the finance provider to have Equal Liability on your computer.Could have perhaps saved the £116.00 you paid Repair Line, if you had used this option when the 5 year warranty was in question.

  reiki2 17:34 20 Nov 2005

I paid for the computer via credit card and Repair Line via debit card.

When I consulted my credit card company they said they would honour the warranty, however I would have to get 2 quotes for any repairs and send it to them and they would decide which company would do the repair.

This would have taken around four to six weeks and I needed the computer for my web design business, so when Repair line contacted me with all there blurb about there warrany service( click here) I thought ok this would be the best option

Well it really was'nt I made a big boo boo there lol....

  reiki2 14:01 22 Nov 2005

Well still no reply to my email...what a company

  reiki2 19:58 25 Nov 2005

I still have had no reply from Repair Line... this company is a joke. Take a look at there web site blurb click here

One thing I have leart from this this crazy situation is to ask the computer company's who does there warranty contract work before I buy a computer from them.
Cheers Malc

  Davidswan 17:04 26 Nov 2005

I too bought a computer from Multivision (a laptop) and bought the warranty from Repair-Line. In August of this year, the laptop developed a fault and Repair-Line sent a courier to pick it up. To cut a long story short, Repair-Line still have the computer. I've made numerous phone calls along the lines of 'the engineer is not available, we'll call you back' and of course they never do.

I'm now fed up with wasting time on phone calls and I wrote to them recorded delivery requesting a report on the diagnosis for my laptop and when I could expect to have it repaired and returned. I asked for a reply within a week. A reply did not come. So I contacted the Trading Standards Office, who were very helpful. They said I was doing the right things and that I should write to Repair-Line again requesting the report within the week and telling them I would take it further with the Trading Standard Office if I didn't get a satisfactory reply. Curiously, this recorded delivery letter still has not been received by the company. I sent them yet another recorded delivery letter last week and this still has not been signed as received. So today I sent them a Special Delivery letter as this can be tracked all the way through the process. (The post office don't consider letters lost until after 15 working days!).

I am now very concerned about Repair-Line and am worried that I my never see my laptop again.

If any one else has had similar problems with Repair-Line, please post here - as a group we'll have a louder voice.

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