problems with Virgin Media

  iqs 19:20 07 Dec 2010


I was wondering what you think of my current predicament with Virgin Media .

For nearly 5 years I have had virtually problem free internet access and service.
But Sunday my problems started.

Sunday I lost my internet connection.I phoned for the usual assistance,and was told my connection was perfect,and an engineer will be sent out Monday afternoon.

The engineer arrived and changed the modem. But the modem was not syncing and the ready light was flashing on and off.

He phoned his network administrator,who informed him there was a problem in my area.Normal services should be ok Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning,no internet service.

I phone the support team again,spoke to someone who could barley speak english.

I explained what happened,and they said they will speak to an engineer,and she would phone me back within and hour.

No phone,so I called back.

Spoke to someone else who stated it was my PC and not the connection.I polity (honest)told her that my laptop and netbook would not connect either.
She then hung on me.

Phoned again,spoke to some-else,who has arranged for another engineer to come out Wednesday afternoon.

After this I tried to get in touch with the complaints department.The only way to voice my concerns was to select the option for 'thinking of leaving us'.

The lady I spoke to was very apologetic,and informed me if the engineer fails to fix the problem Wednesday,to phone that department again,and ask for the English tech department.

Fingers crossed all go's well tomorrow.

I have spent god knows on phone calls,spent 1 afternoon waiting for the first engineer,tomorrow will be another half day wasted.

I am a very patient person,and have resisted the urge to shout and complain.I hope tomorrow I will be posting a comment stating problem solved.

I'm not sure what I;m asking by posting this thread,I was wondering I guess what my options are if my problem is not solved tomorrow.

Also is there any senior Virgin personnel using this forum who can assist,long shot I know.

Thank you

  birdface 19:58 07 Dec 2010

I had a similar problem and eventually had the engineer in to have a look.
He was on my computer for about 1 minute went outside to the NTL box under the window.
Took out what looked like a fuse.
Changed it for a new one And that was that.
I must admit the foreign call centers can be a pain in the neck at times.
Make sure the engineer does not leave without fixing it.

  iqs 20:26 07 Dec 2010

Thanks buteman for the reply.

Part of me wants to keep him here until I'm satisfied,or until he's fixed it ,but in the eyes of the law that called kidnapping ;-)

I will explain all to him before he starts his investigation/repair.


  BRYNIT 08:04 08 Dec 2010

If the Modem was replaced the account may be looking for the old MAC number from your old Modem.

Phone Virgin Media and tell them that the Modem has been replaced and can they check it has been set up to your account. They will ask for the MAC number on the bottom of your Modem and send a signal to the Modem. It may activate immediately or take a couple of hours.

  beb 10:45 08 Dec 2010

hi... having had a few problems in the past with virgins call centers i signed up on virgins own Help & Support Forum , ive always had a sensible reply within 5-10 mins , give it a try click here

regards beb

  iqs 16:25 08 Dec 2010

Thanks for the replies.

The new MAC was registered when the engineer installed it.That part went according to plan.
The engineer who arrived today,double checked it as well.

Like I said the other engineer arrived,and immediately informed me,I'm not the first customer he has seen since Saturday with the same problem.He has passed each problem back to the network department.

Apart from check the signal strength again,there was nothing else he could do,and left.

I phoned Virgin,and spoke to a lady,who yet again contacted the network department.There are still trying to locate and fix the problem,no completion date was given.

I will use the link supplied and join the support forum.Cant hurt.

Thank you all for the help.


  birdface 10:10 09 Dec 2010

Maybe give this a try and if nothing shows get back on to them.

click here

Not sure if maybe you are in a bad area that has been hit hard by snow and Ice if not get back on to them.

  iqs 11:08 09 Dec 2010

Thanks for the link buteman.but I have been using this status page since my problems started,but thanks.

Good news,hope I'm not jinxing things,but my connection is back.
Switched the modem and PC back on this morning,and I'm back on-line.

Now to connect my router and see if that requires attention or not lol

Thanks all

  birdface 14:53 09 Dec 2010

I Got switched of for about 3 days once because some digger had split their cables elsewhere.
Phoned them up to see what repayment I could expect for the lack of service.
They tallied it up to £1.20 so I told them politely what they could do with it.

  iqs 15:14 09 Dec 2010

I was told to contact them and see what repayment I was entitled to,when my connection was up and working.
Might phone tomorrow just for a a laugh lol

  bjh 16:56 09 Dec 2010

I think service has to be dropped for five full days before they'll refund a penny. My ADSL service was recently dropped for three days, back up for a day, then off for a couple more - that didn't count!

There do seem to have been a number of Virgin problems over the last few weeks (south-east UK) and, each time, I am assured it's all BT's fault!

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