Problems with Tiscali b/b

  [email protected] 13:56 26 Feb 2004

Hi all
Anybody having problems with Tiscali broadband i.e. connection problems or speed

The last 2 evenings mine has dropped down to 20kbps, when I can connect. Yes that’s right 20kbps

I get a better connection via dial up

Have tried telephone but line has been permanently engaged, but have sent emails but no reply as yet

  [email protected] 15:56 26 Feb 2004

for those who are thinking of joining Tiscali my advise would be wait read this it's from Tiscali forum
The following is a quote from an employee at prolog. This company handles tiscalis customer services among other things.

"Latest news this week, has been Tiscali has had major outages throughout the country, particularly on the £15.99 package. I believe earlier in the week, a large amount of London, Portsmouth and Bristol were out of service. Again, the customer service number has got worse, Prolog have hired in even more clueless agency staff who we will have to train and the Milton Keynes HQ number have shut it so all the calls are coming to us now which we can't deal with, and at the same time Tiscali have decided to increase their tv advertising. I despair".

  spuds 22:47 26 Feb 2004

Tiscali have had maintenance problems over the past few days, and their engineers are working on this, at least that is what Tiscali Status information tells us.I know my service as slowed down, and trying to download emails is getting to be annoying, due to extreme slowness.I think it is a case of wait and see!.

  Camille 23:33 26 Feb 2004

I've had tiscali dial up for 2 years with no problems at all, yet last 2 days have had plenty of problems with their bb - no connection at all for 24 hours and 48 hours with no email
just managed to log on tonight

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