Problems with Symantec

  Estel 11:43 18 Sep 2003

I notice that there was a thread about consumer support from Symantec about two years ago. I have read and digested it, but does anyone know what, if anything, I can do about this....

I have Norton Systemworks 2000 installed. About five weeks ago I responded to the alert that my antivirus subscription needed to be updated and was lead to a site that offered me upgrade options on my installation. To my lasting regret, I opted to download Norton Internet Security 2003.

When I tried to install it, it would not install, despite repeated redownloads and attempts. After quite a lot of bother, the American Symantec download site that sent it eventually gave me a refund. Hooray, you might say.

Far from it. After the failed download I found that Norton Antivirus had disappeared from my Systemworks menu. When I tried a reinstall from my Systemworks disc a dialogue box told me to uninstall NAV before reinstalling it.

This was only the beginning of my problems with Symantec.

Tried the phone line. After wading through a 4 minute options list I waited for another 15 minutes in a queue before giving up. thiis has now happened twice more, though last time THEY cut ME off.

After minute examination of pages and pages of options on their website I found a UK e-mail address. I wrote to state the problem and eventually received a reply referring me to page after age of troubleshooting guides on the website. A second reply admitted that NIS 2003 will not install over the top of older versions of NSW.

I tried all their solutions - quick uninstall, using their downloaded uninstall files for NIS and NAV, manual uninstall. NAV will still not reinstall from my NSW disc. Sought help at the PC Advisor Tech Help discussion page. Several people responded but nothing worked.

Since then I have been trying to get more response from Symantec by e-mail. I have asked why I was invited to install NIS if it would not overwrite NSW (which Live Update would know I had). No response. I have asked for direct personal help. No response. I have asked for a direct e-mail address, postal address and phone no. to Customer Complaints. No response. The only recent response I have had merely pointed me back to the online advice.

Symantec's site seems singularly devoid of contact options. I can't find a postal address or an e-mail address for customer complaints. does anyone know of one? It seems the problems with phone contact are legendary!

It seems to me that Symantec should be liable for the fact that their download damaged a previous version of their own product but how can I get any comeback on this?

Finally, if I choose to buy another antivirus package from another manufacturer, will the fragments of NAV that evidently infest my computer prevent it from installing or working properly?


  -pops- 14:53 18 Sep 2003

Failures of Symantec products seem to take up an overly large proportion of the threads on this forum and in Helproom.

My suggestion would be to bit the bullet and ditch ALL Symantec products and replace them with some of any number of equally effective products which are always being recommended within these pages, especially Helproom.

Many, most, if not all of the best programs are free as well!!! Can't be bad!!!


  961 15:35 18 Sep 2003

If you search through the threads you will find problems with uninstalling Symantec anti virus together with others showing you how to do it so that it really is no longer there. It does ring a bell that the Symantec web site itself has instructions hidden somewhere about how to do it. I would suggest you take the care to do this thoroughly and then install AVG which is free and has kept me virus free over several years

If you feel better for paying, and for some reason some people do, then look up the computer magazines reviews but be aware that both Norton and McAfee do seem to have a knack of arguing with some other programmes you may have and certainly take exception to remnant bits of other virus checkers (including their own)

  Jean-Luc Picard 22:48 19 Sep 2003

Very similar problems to yourself, I had just paid for an online upgrade as well. To respond to your question about other AV software iloaded AVG 6.0 to replace Norton AV and haven't looked back.

  lemonhead 23:47 19 Sep 2003

I'm having mega problems with all this too. Won't go into all the gory details, suffice to say that I tried to uninstall and reinstall NIS 9it was fighting with an internet filter programme), it then installed corruptly, then it wouldn't uninstall at all. Eventually I went on a kamikaze raid into the Registry to search and destroy (don't try this at home) and got most it off my PC - except that bits of NAV are still there.

I successfully reinstalled NIS after this, except that Anti Virus wouldn't reinstall at all (though some files are obviously still there as Live Update tries to refresh the virus definitions for a programme that's vanished). The Firewall stuff etc seems to be working OK.

Anyway - rather than get into the Symantec support nightmare, I have downloaded an evaluation copy of Panda's Titanium AV prog. Wasn't very hopeful, thought it would fight with was was left of Norton. But so far (fingers crossed) it's working fine alongside it.

When the thing comes up for renewal, I'll probably bin Norton entirely and go back to Zone Alarm running alongside Panda.

  Estel 17:08 21 Sep 2003

Thanks for your responses so far. I'm still not getting any contact information from the one contact I do have at Symantec. He referred me yet again to the help pages which I had already told him I had tried with no success.

In response to my request for a direct e-mail address to Customer Support/Complaints - nothing. Postal address - nothing. Direct phone line short circuiting "customer support" which I have yet to get an answer from - a phone number in USA.

If anyone does have any contact address I'd be pleased to have it. otherwise i'll kill off this thread in a few days - (having read the "please tick" thread)

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