Problems returning a Dell monitor under warranty

  stathej 19:10 23 Nov 2016

Hello everyone

I was hoping for some guidance on an issue I am experiencing with Dell's UK support.

I purchase a brand new Dell u3014 monitor from an online reseller November 2015, on October 25th the monitor developed a fault. After contacting the reseller for a warranty repair I was advised to deal with Dell directly as the monitor was covered by their advanced returns program. I had registered the monitor with Dell after purchase so thinking I would get the issue resolved quickly I phoned Dell support.

After about 20 minutes remote diagnostics the person on the end of the phone concluded I required a replacement. Having already given the service Tag I was asked to confirm my address in France, I pointed out that it was bought in the UK and registered here to be told again that it was registered in France and from April not November. After discussing at length the country of purchase the technician told me that I would have to complete an International transfer form, this I agreed to do.

I completed the form and attached a copy of the invoice as proof of purchase and the country it was bought in. 1 week later I received an email from Dell telling me the transfer was unsuccessful; I had not provided the correct address for the previous French owner. Phoned support again to resolve the issue at which point I seemingly couldn't make the operative understand that the International transfer had been completed and failed. I was repeatedly told to complete the form and the warranty would be honoured.

After this I contacted the reseller again who the following day collected the screen for return to Dell. 1 week later a replacement arrived at the resellers damaged in transit, I was informed and so contacted Dell hoping to get the next replacement fast tracked now they appeared to believe I lived in the UK. The Dell technician all but accused the reseller of damaging the screen on arrival and refused to deal with them any longer. The damaged replacement screen was shipped back to me and I could expect a replacement according to the tech in 3 days as per the advanced exchange warranty.

The day of the 2nd replacement came and went so I phoned support again to be told that they were out of stock, feeling highly aggrieved I sent a recorded written letter to Dell UK stating I felt they were in breach of their warranty terms and could I have a brand new screen and extended warranty as compensation for time and effort spent chasing their mistakes.

The next day I received an email acknowledging my letter but stating that I would not receive a new screen as this was not Dell policy, they told me that I was being fast tracked and I could have a replacement, the date given was the same support gave me when I was told my monitor was out of stock. I replied saying that this was not satisfactory that I felt they had breached their warranty and that my compensation request was not unreasonable.

The second response came stating that the advanced replacement 3 day service was only available when parts are in stock, as the phrase states equivalent or better I cannot believe a company the size of Dell was completely out of stock. I have replied again stating this fact and asking if they offer any independent arbitration on the issue as I did not feel I was been unreasonable.

The question I pose here is am I being too pig headed or are Dell trying to duck out of their commitments, talking with consumers rights they are currently siding with me but I thought I'd post here for advice. The replacement screen has arrived today nearly 5 weeks after the issue was reported without any of the cables, clearly a factory referb. The box contains a note telling me to keep the original ones but they went back to the reseller 3 weeks ago. I don't feel this is satisfactory given the number of calls emails and hassle to get a referb product I still cannot use. Any help or advice on what to do next would be appreciated.

  Forum Editor 10:44 25 Nov 2016

Thank you for your clear outline of the course of events - it helps us enormously.

The first thing to say, of course, is that technically you have no contract with Dell - they supplied the reseller from whom you bought the original monitor. Your contract is with that reseller.

A Dell technician may well have told you that he would no longer deal with the reseller, but Dell cannot avoid its contractual obligation to that company - it has to resolve the problem via that route.

You decided to deal directly with Dell, and I can understand why - monitor issues are often easier to resolve in that way. As long as you understand that by doing so you are effectively surrendering your rights with regard to the reseller there's no problem. So far, so good.

The current situation is that you feel aggrieved at Dell's apparent wish to avoid its responsibilities. Let's address that concern.

  1. The comment that the monitor was out of stock isn't surprising - Dell manufactures almost all its products to order, in an attempt to minimise stock-holding. I'm not in a position to make any other comment on that issue.

  2. It isn't unusual for refurbished monitors to be sent out as replacements - many companies do this. As long as the supplied monitor is in excellent condition, and is covered by the same consumer protection legislation as a new item (which it will be) you don't have anything to worry about.

  3. The lack of cables is obviously an oversight - Dell will surely supply a new set.

The confusion over the country in which you live is incomprehensible, but it seems to have been resolved.

" I being too pig headed or are Dell trying to duck out of their commitments..."

You are entitled to arrive at a satisfactory resolution with Dell, and that hasn't happened. Whether or not you are being pig-headed isn't for me to say, but I can understand your frustration. Dell is not a company that is known to avoid its warranty obligations.

I suggest that you get your cables from the company, and see how it goes with the monitor you have. You might make it plain to Dell that you expect it to honour its warranty terms with regard to this monitor as if it was a brand new item.

  stathej 11:31 28 Nov 2016

Hello thank you for the above advice. I managed to find a set of spare leads over the weekend with which to test the replacement screen.

Unfortunately when you plug it in there is a bright white dot just down from the centre of the screen. I am not trying to be funny and force a replacement I just wanted a product equal to the one I finally managed to get replaced. The stuck pixels are supposedly covered under Dells premium panel guarantee so given the advice above I have contacted the original reseller again to get the screen repaired. I just hope that there is a functioning replacement out there I don't appear to have any luck in getting this replaced.

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