Problems with the new TOM TOM GPS #10 series

  [DELETED] 22:33 20 May 2006

The new Tom Tom Go GPS units are fantastic... but the windscreen mount doesn't connect the power properly. Unfortunatly, I have just returned my second unit for a refund as it doesn't reliably charge when on the vehicle mount.

Other than this rather major problem the unit is excellent. I got very surprised when it told me I had a new txt message and then read it out to me! The directions are clear and I had no problems with the routing from the south coast to Middlesborough, although one new part of the A1(M) was missing!

The extra 910 features are also excellent and the MP3 works really well. Routing is fast and the MP3s play without delay. Check out the wide screen display - looks great in all weather, including bright sunlight. GPS has really moved forward since my old navman and garmin units. I will be buying another Tom Tom once the power/charging issue is sorted...

  [DELETED] 14:37 21 May 2006


The problem with the windscreen docking unit, (as they call it), seems to be a very common one. Many users are reporting problems on the Tomtom Go forum.

There is talk of TomTom releasing a modified mount in about a month. The windscreen docking unit has to be used in the new range as, unlike my Go 700, power cannot be connected directly to the unit; it has to be supplied via the mount.

This is the reason why I decided against buying the 910. I have contacted the CEO of TomTom asking this to be borne in mind when new models are designed. He thanked me for my feed back.

I await the release of the x20 series, which I guess will be next spring or summer.

  [DELETED] 21:18 23 May 2006

I have TomTom Go 700 and I also have problem with windscreen mount .On few occasions it even dropped while I was driving-not really nice experience:-(Also I find 700 too slow because (I think) it has entire European map on the internal drive (micro drive?)

  [DELETED] 09:30 24 May 2006


I used to use the screen mount for my Go 700, and did not find a problem with it dropping. I agree that one had to be quite careful in fixing it to ensure a good grip. I don`t use it now following reports of the epidemic of thefts. Even the ring mark on the screen is an invitation to thieves to break in and search for the SatNav. I have a new BMW 5 saloon which has an ideal space under the dash. This will give you an idea:

click here

As regards speed of calculation/recalculation of routes, I have no complaint at all. Having used it extensively, both in the UK and in France, I find it will recalculate a route, (when I miss a turn), in 1 to 2 seconds.

  [DELETED] 07:54 25 May 2006

Unfortunately I had same experience as you. I have ended up with smashed window , scratched paint and so on ,over £2000 of damage. Since than I am attaching unit ( and screen mount) only when I actually need it and once I remove the screen mount I am making sure that there are no marks on the windscreen.

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